Friday, July 18, 2008


This morning it was so beautiful outside that I decided to take some garden pictures for you! The hydrangeas are gorgeous right now and I love the moss on the waterfall. The black-eyed susans are starting to bloom and there is a garden full of those wild things ~ one little plant has spread like crazy!!

Two more circles got hooked on Mr. Catfish ~ I'm hoping to finish the old boy this weekend! We're off to have some fun at the lake ~ one of the kids and his family are coming up for Saturday and Sunday and wouldn't you know ~ the dear weatherman says there may be thunderstorms both days!! We'll hope it happens in the night when the little duffers are sleeping so they can go to the pool and have outside fun! We want to take them to a paint-your-own pottery place up there ~ the kids can make some really cute things! And there's a Prehistoric Mountain thing I want to take them to ~ we've never been but hear it's not much ~ but when I was a kid, my mom would take me to places like that on our travels and I LOVED it!! So I'm gonna drag them there and see for myself!!

Have a good weekend, one and all!


JoJo said...

I hope you're having a good weekend, Alice. And have I told you how much I enjoy it when you post pictures of your gardens and yard? I do, I really do! So pretty!

Unknown said...


I love the gardens pic's, it looks so peaceful:)
Mr. Catfish is really looking great too.
I hope that you weren't rained out this past weekend.