Monday, July 7, 2008


Here's hoping you all had a great 4th of July, including lots of food and fun! I actually got some hooking done this weekend and this rug could really move quickly now ~ if only I would light long enough to accomplish something! One thing about taking pictures of your project, is that it really helps to get an objective view of what's going on ~ and a couple of things stand out to me that might need a little revision ~ nothing to dwell on though ~ I'm loving this rug!!

We went to Put-in-Bay Friday evening for dinner and fireworks with our friends, Karen and John and my son, Tad ~ the fireworks were great ~ set off from a barge out in the lake right in front of where we were sitting!! The guitarist on the deck at the restaurant turned up his sound system really loud and played Yanni music during the display ~ a great combination of a great light show and an explosion of music ~ PERFECT!!

Saturday, we all went to Mon Ami Winery for more music ~ "Wally and Beavs" ~ and more food and some wine and some dancing!! We have the greatest group of friends up there and it was just a fun evening ~ then we headed back and had a fire and sat on the rocks ~ oh, a little ice cream ended the evening!! Now ~ back to reality and office work!! Have a good day ~


JoJo said...

Alice, you have one of the busiest lives I've ever read about. How DO you do it? I think my husband and I are much more on the quieter side. We're content to stay home and just 'be.' Then again, over the last 14 weeks (yes, it really HAS been that long already!) the decision to stay home was kinda made for me.

I do love reading about whatever you might be up to. Oh, and Mr. Catfish is coming along swimmingly (pun intended!)

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi JoJo ~ I swear, I think my husband and I both are afraid if we stop, we'll grow moss or something. We are busy, that's for sure ~ but we can be still ~ if only for a while ~ and Sonny has perfected taking a nap by the rocks!!
That's why I decided to blog ~ no one would believe this rat race we've created!! Glad you're enjoying it and soon you'll be out and about on your own race!

Betsy said...

Mr.Catfish is looking great. I'm working on a big ol crow rug. Hoping to have it done by Saturday. So many rugs to hook!!!