Friday, June 27, 2008


Truly ~ I make myself laugh!! When I re-read what I wrote in regard to a 'fabulous' little rug ~ I'm thinking what the devil was I thinking??!! The only thing fabulous about this little mat is that I drew it at 10 o'clock on Weds. night and started hooking it then and finished it last night about 1 a.m.!! We are joining some friends for their anniversary dinner this evening at a wonderful French restaurant in Vermillion and since they have a home on Kelley's Island, I got inspired to hook them something for their house on the lake!! We had been to a Little League game and taken a granddaughter out for her 6th birthday dinner and when we arrived home, it seemed like it was now or never, if I was going to have a handmade gift for them! The last night, we went to two Little League games for two grandsons' teams (I really wanted to go to Chamber After Hours for an adult evening but fortunately, my Gramma mode kicked in) and then we had pizza with my son Teddy and family. So, I finished this late last night, bound it with wool this morning and made a label for it, which I'll stitch on during the ride up to the lake!!

The cut is a 9.5, which really helped it to move along fast and I used 3 different teal wools to replicate water ~ one of those wools has a metallic thread running through it ~ I love wool with shiny threads!! Silk ribbon is used to look like whitecaps and the orangy-red is the sunset on the lake and the brighter orange on the right is for the sunrise ~ I used a variety of funky yarns to add a little pizzaz to those bits of weirdness. I don't know if anyone but me will know what those bright spots of color are but I thought it looked kind of artistic!! I hope they it!

So ~ off we go to the lake as soon as my husband gets home from a golf outing ~ I hope he isn't have too much fun ~ he's golfing with his son, my son, and our lumber salesman ~ oh, they'll be having fun alright!! Have a good weekend!!



Dulcy said...

Alice, they will love it! The colors are wonderful, and the style is simple (great combination).


JoJo said...

Alice, I love your Welcome rug. The colors sing and I can't believe the speed you showed in getting this done. Great job.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Girls ~ thanks for the votes of confidence!! "The colors sing" was just what I needed to hear!
I so appreciate the feedback!

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