Monday, July 14, 2008


These are images of the frames and stand that Sonny builds for me ~ I sell them at shows and out of my home studio. Someone had written in to Wool Snippets requesting info about frames, so I decided to post on my blog about his!! They're made from hardwoods ~ maple, Brazilian cherry, walnut and oak ~ whatever wood he might have on hand. We have a building business so he has access to some beautiful materials! The frames tilt and swivel and fold up into themselves for easy travel. The stands are unique in that the pin pulls out and the stand height can be adjusted. Everything is pegged and hand finished with an oil rub and they look like a fine piece of furniture ~ if interested, you can email me at for more information!
We had a fun weekend ~ went to Kelley's Island on Saturday to visit our friend ~ she fell and broke her shoulder (poor thing) so we went over to console her!! She has a great place to recuperate on the water! We made a couple of stops while on the island and finished up with a bite at the Village Pump (famous for their Brandy Alexanders) ~ we had one of those, too!! The ride back on the 9:30 ferry was just swell ~ an absolutely beautiful night!! We capped it off with a stop at the local ice cream place before we drove back to our condo ~ no wonder I look like I do!! I'm trying to do better, but that wasn't one of those times!!!!
This morning, I actually hooked for two and a half hours ~ yippee!!! I love to hook uninterrupted!! I watched the news and soap operas ~ yes, there are still a couple that I check in on once in a while!! Tomorrow, I'll show off Mr. Catfish again ~ right now I'm heading outside to do some much needed weeding!! Have a happy day!!


Unknown said...

Sonny's frames are beautiful. They would not look out of place in the finest of living rooms!

Glad to hear that you got some 'hooking time' in, I am still recovering from our trip....the crabgrass came while I was away:(


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Trudy ~ so glad to hear you are back ~ I check your blog every day and thought you fell off the earth!! Hope you had a great trip!!
Thanks for the compliment!!

Miccosukee said...

Mr. Catfish is really coming along. You seem to be having a wonderful time right now and enjoying every minute. Glad your sister is better.

You should be hearing from me for more information on Sonny's beautiful frames. They are absolutely stunning and well-crafted.


JoJo said...

Alice, your husband's frames are beautiful. I'd order one but I'm so wonderfully hung up on my SnapDragon.......and I still haven't sold my Puritan.

I went outside yesterday morning while it was still fairly cool to deadhead my flowers. By the time I came in (an hour later), I was exhausted and dripping wet from head to toe. It got hot fast in the sun and yeah, I overdid it.

How did your weeding go? Did you get it done?

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Good Morning! Weeding done ~ that's funny ~ it is never ending here and I took a couple of weeks off after the Red Hats ~ that was dumb because those weeds didn't stop growing!!
Trish and JoJo ~ thanks for the interest and compliments on Sonny's frames. He is a craftsman and took a long time to design the stand so that it would have a refined look! He's been building frames for several years now!
I'm going down to hook for a while ~ oh, happy day!

jane augenstein said...

BEAUTIFUL frames!!! WoW very, very nice!