Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today, I received a phone call from my sister, 77 years old (she won't like that!), from her hospital room in Texas, where she lives. She told me she had a lung embolism and a heart attack on Saturday. That's serious stuff! She sounded pretty chipper, considering and just wanted me to know.

I don't talk to my sister often and actually, haven't seen her in several years. Last Thursday, I felt led to call and let her know I was thinking of her and wondering how she was. She had been in pretty good shape and they had just moved to a brand new house! I left a message and she returned my call on Friday. We had a good talk and before we hung up, I told her I loved her ~ not something we often do. Today, she told me she thought of that when she was in the middle of this thing and I think it meant a lot to her.

In telling this, there is a two-fold lesson for me and for us all ~ listen to that inner voice that speaks to us to make a call, write a note, do a kindness, etc. and follow through. The second part is not to miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them and care about them, even if it is uncomfortable or not the norm for you. Believe me ~ you won't be sorry! I am so grateful that I heeded my inner voice last week, so that this week, my big sister doesn't think I'm just being attentive now that she's not feeling so good.

For those of you who pray ~ please say a prayer for health and healing for my 'seester' Joyce ~ thank you so much!


JoJo said...

Alice, first of all, many prayers and good thoughts for your sister that her recovery is quick and easy and there are no lasting effects from her heart attack and embolism.

I know about this lesson quite well. This spring, I had been thinking about an old family friend for a long time. She was actually a friend of my parents and I had last seen her at my aunt's funeral. She and her husband owned the farm next to my aunt and uncle. Anyway, she was like a second mother to me while I was growing up and I loved her dearly.

Anyway, I kept ignoring this inner voice and.....shortly after I broke my leg, I got an email from my cousin's wife that Verna had died. Oh boy, that really made me feel horrible. I had no idea that Verna had been moved to a nursing home and wasn't doing well.

Since I had dated Verna's son when we were in high school (he was 'just' a friend but a sure date for prom and military ball), the whole family was special to me and I know she was very fond of me.

Now I live with the regret that I didn't follow through and call her. I know the joy it would have given her if I'd just taken the time and reached out. And that's what's so sad ---- it only would have taken a few minutes.

So yes, listen to that inner voice and *make* the time to reach out, make that call, write that email or letter and tell people that you're thinking of them.

You won't regret the minutes that it takes but you will regret not doing so.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice:

I send good thoughts for your sister as well...and you are right, we need to let our family and friends know that we love them and are thinking about them! : )
It is really important!

On another note...Your rug is coming along wonderfully!!! It is such a fun pattern!
Hugs to you, Sunnie : )

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks girls ~ today they found a bleeding ulcer and fixed that, so tomorrow is another day!!

Jacque. said...

Hey Alice...I, too, have a sister named Joyce, so ya gotta know that I'll be praying for your sister! By this day, I am sure she is much better, though.

I am on my way to add your blog link to my blog.

Growing up, we didn't hear a lot of "I love you" from either parent. I started telling my family and friends several years ago (I am just a lot more open than many I know/love)...and now, at this time, my entire family is more open about sharing how they feel.

AND, your rug is terrific! I love it!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Jacque ~ thanks for the kind words and you definitely know what I'm saying ~ it takes a while! All we really have is family ~ everything else is window dressing!! And I'm adding you to my blog list also ~ thanks a bunch!!