Tuesday, July 22, 2008


As you can see, we made it to the Prehistoric Forest ~ and Mystery Hill ~ that was a bonus that we didn't know about!!! And it was the best part!! Sonny's son and wife and these two cute kids were thrilled to go on BoBo's great adventure!! The Mystery Hill is a couple of rooms built on a slant and the optical illusion that we were standing at an angle, just made us hysterical with laughter!! It was pretty darned funny and was much better than the mosquito-infested forest with fiberglass animals. But the effect was good ~ the four year old was really scared of the dinosaur sounds that came out of the woods!!! So we took him to the ice cream place in Marblehead and we all felt better!! I shouldn't publish this unflattering picture but just wanted to show that we were really there!!

That was Sunday's fun ~ on Saturday we went to the paint-your-own pottery place and the kids painted their own banks ~ the parents got in on the fun and painted their own projects, too! We had a really nice weekend with grandkids ~ a departure from our usual hilarity!!

Mr. Catfish is very close to being finished!!! I hooked today and am headed back down this evening ~ all is done except for the paisley star points!! Pictures tomorrow ~ if all goes well!!
Have a good evening ~ what's left of it!!

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Jacque. said...

Hey Alice...sounds like a great weekend with your grandkids! YAY for you!!!! I am very anxious to see your finished Mr. Catfish...what an awesome rug that is going to be.