Thursday, July 10, 2008


This is a picture of my PRIZE that I won from Polly and Laurie Minick on their blog!! They just started one a few weeks ago and have had some really nice give-aways! Last week, when I checked in, Polly had just posted a question a few hours before and I was the first one to answer ~ Yippee!!! She sent me this lovely pile of patriotic binding tape that will get put to very good use at some point in time. You can access their blog off the website - it's really a nice one. Thanks Girls!!!

On Monday night, my grandson's Litlle League team won their championship game ~ undefeated for the season! They were a happy bunch of boys along with my son, The Coach!!! They had been rained out of a couple of games, so we were happy to get that last game in and topped it off with a trip to the local ice cream place! It was really a fun season and after years of sitting on bleachers for our own boys, it was good to be back at the ball fields! I had told Luke earlier that I would be his biggest cheerleader that night ~ he told his mom, he thought I meant the "biggest" cheerleader!!! We had a laugh over that!!!

Yesterday, they found my sister had a stomach ulcer, so they had to take care of that situation ~ I pray today is better day for her ~ she didn't talk long last evening. I'll call her later today ~ this morning my friend, Heidi, is coming and we're going to Akron to hook with a group up there. That will be fun and always uplifting to spend the day with a bunch of 'hookers'!! I actually have hooked on Mr. Catfish the last two evenings (late-night) and he's making progress!! Have a good day all!!