Sunday, April 29, 2012


Next Saturday, I'm having a hookers luncheon ~ that equates to a little spring cleanup! Our porch between the house and garage gets lots of weather and everything is covered with a layer of winter grime ~ or was! The bell jars are washed!

And all the primitive stuff has been hosed off since this picture was taken! The brick porch is next! Sonny has been doing windows for two days and dusting chandeliers! Having guests is such a great motivator ~ gotta go now to hose down the porch!! Thanks to Sharon for bringing her guild next week!

If you would like to bring a group, let me know ~


acorn hollow said...

A hookers lunch. It sounds devine.

Saundra said...

Can I borrow Sonny? You sure hit the jackpot with him. Have fun with the hooker's lunch.


dulcy said...

Sounds like such fun! What cute primitives!


Ann said...

Hi Alice, from reading this post and your previous ones, you've been as busy as I have. I just today posted my wool I purchased from you and a little cat mat I hooked using some of that wool. I am so loving the checked maroon/gold wool. It looks super on the edge of my mat.

Bonus day for me today - we have a school cancellation due to fog. That brings our total to 20 days of school left - YEAH! ~Ann

Hua Cai said...
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roba. gad2 said...
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