Friday, April 6, 2012


Here is Rooster Pair in the space where it's going to live ~ the entry to the dining room end of the living/dining area of the house!  It's a large rug ~ 29 x 50 ~ and it's going to be fabulous in that space!  Friend MJ was here yesterday and was surprised at how large it was ~ she thought it was just a regular size rug.  That's when I decided to let you know the size ~ I guess it could be deceiving in the photos.    I hooked all the squiggles in and now only have background to fill in ~ woo hoo!
I spent a couple of days marbleizing wool this week and wanted to share the beautiful colors with you!  I won't elaborate on each one, but if there are any you see that you would like, let me know by email They're quarter yard pieces at $12 a piece.  They look like individual works of art to me and hooked into a rug, they give great variation of color without mixing and mushing wools together! 

So that's it for today ~ I'm dying a pot of really pretty red ~ pictures to follow.  Speaking of pictures, when I first posted, I get a message saying that I had run out of storage space on my Picasso Web Album and had to pay $5 to get additional storage. I was very surprised and it kept coming up, so I bit the bullet and voila!  Immediately, I could post my photos ~ everything has a price, I guess!  Have any of you encountered that before? Okay ~ I'm outta here!  Have a great Easter weekend with your families or friends or just yourself!  Ta ta!!


Cathy G. said...

Oh Alice! You are really gonna walk on that gorgeous rug aren't you!! I preach to my students that the rugs are made for walking on and then I have a hard time putting them on the floor myself! I think it so fabulous looking where you will put it!! The rug is breathtaking!
As is the marbelized wool! It's fun to make and hard to cut into!!
Have a Blessed Easter my friend!!
Cathy G

Julia said...

Alice, what a beautiful BIG rug you got, the better to walk on it of course... I love a rug on the floor too. Good for you that you are almost done and are working on the background and you can relax knowing that you did a great design.

The Picassa $5 thing has happened to me and I don't mind paying the price for peace of mind. I don't reduce my pictures when I upload and it uses my Picassas space faster than those who upload smaller pictures but you can click on mine and get a full screen size picture.

Ah, your marbleized wool looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. What a great job you did on the dying. I have yet to try marbleizing wool but it's on my bucket list to do.
Hugs, JB

Saundra said...

Alice, that IS one honking big rug. Your marbelized wools are lovely and you've been quite the busy woman. Looking forward to seeing your beautifuly red as well.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Cathy, I learned to just put that rug an the floor and go for it from Barbara Carroll! At her house, they're all over the place and look fabulous and well-loved! I'm not saying that it won't be hard with this one but I made it for just that place!! Julia, thanks for confirming for me that I did the right thing ~ I didn't want to but how am I going to blog without pictures! I just felt kind of strong-armed to do it and I don't like to be made to do anything! Thanks to all three of you girls for the compliments on the rug and my wool!! Back to the dye pot!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
When I saw the rug on the floor I was shocked how big it was. That's a biggie. Just wonderful!!!
Too bad I can't make it to the show to fondle your!
Hugs and Happy Easter :)

acorn hollow said...

that is such a great rug. I am glad you are going to put it on the floor and enjoy it. Your wool is beautiful. yep I have had to pay the 5.00.
happy easter

From Sherry's Heart said...

I LUV your rooster rug Alice!!! It's one on my long list that I've wanted to hook. Wish so much that I could get to the show!!!
You have a GREAT Easter week-end too!! Yes it will be myself & of course my 2lb yorkshire terrorist,Sissy.

Ter'e said...

Hi Alice:
That is one MUTHER of a rug! Holy Moley....had no idea it was so big. It's just spectacular!!!!! I need to go back and see what the pattern looked like when you first started hooking on it.
Gosh..............this is really a winner. It's an 8 cut?????