Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 My son, Teddy and family went to Gulf Shores for Easter break and brought this back to mama!!  A beautiful silver sand dollar pendant that I just love!!  And a little pottery bead from Seeds of Happiness  ~ you should click on the link and read the story of how these little happy beads came to be!  Thanks to Teddy and Miki, Luke and Luci for my great birthday presents!!
My niece, Cheri, brought these beautiful tulips on Easter ~ she and her daughters stopped by to go through some family mementos.  Very nice ~ I love flowers!  Thank you, Cheri!

Teddy and family came for Easter dinner ~ beef tenderloin, and a great potato dish and chopped salad from Pinterest recipes!  I love Pinterest ~ maybe the recipes more than anything!! 

Wool dying is on my agenda this week ~ up to my elbows in it!  The colors are really nice ~ pictures to follow!  I've created a jam-packed week before The Gathered Treasures Show on Saturday, as only I can do!  Truly, I need a keeper ~ or a manager ~ or something to help me stay on task and not over-schedule!!  Anyway ~ stay tuned!!

Hope you all had a nice Easter and didn't eat too many jelly beans!!  Enjoy your week!


jane augenstein said...

Oh, I did eat too many jelly beans....groan!!!

Kim said...

Oh, can you see me? I have a dish of jelly beans on my desk. (Really I do)
I saw those seeds of happiness on facebook. Very fun idea.

Julia said...

What an interesting post.
I just wish that I would have thought of the Seeds of Happiness. Of course, the guy deserves to be successful. They are rather pricey and it's probably why they are so popular.

I'm sure in no time there will be some fake seeds of happiness popping up somewhere. I can see it, Seeds of Joy, Seeds of Confidence, Seeds of Peace etc... lol.

I love the sand dollar. Can you believe that I didn't even bought any chocolate for Easter, not even one. First time ever.

I hope that you take the time to slow down some.
Have a great day. JB

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

I can't believe the show is Sat. time does fly. I need a personal assistant too. Wouldn't that be great-Oh a Chef too. HA!

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the comment - I agree that finding and sharing places is the best! Make sure you go for the Friday night walk - I hear it's the best!! There's also an amazing restaurant there for dinner - can't remember the name, but it's on the Towles Court site, I think.
So many blogs to catch up on tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Julia said...

I was looking at all the items in the show, Wow, There a lot to choose from.

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. It means a lot to me. Hugs. JB

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