Sunday, April 22, 2012


Yesterday, my friends Charisse, Pam and Sue picked me up and off we went to Walnut Creek to the Amish Country Wool Artisans hook-in!!! Such a fun day that started with a visit to Miller's Bakery near Charm for sweet treats! I picked up this pattern from vendor, Kris Miller (not the bakery Miller) and actually got this much hooked ~ that's amazing because I usually don't get much done at these events! It is Lori Brechlin's bee chair pad and it's going to be very cute! I pulled the wool from my stash at home and was ready to go when I got there!

As I understand it, there are 9 women who put this day together and a fabulous job they do! They had a wonderful Chinese auction and I was the lucky winner of this hooking supplies roll-up! It's in the Maggie B style and hand stitched with beautiful dyed wool ~ I am thrilled to have it!

We had a great lunch ~ there was a nice selection of vendors ~ and I saw lots of my hooker friends (Donna, Jackie, Deb, Bev and Jo and Barb, Arlene, Ann and ~ I could go on and on!!

When we got home, Sonny, Tad and I headed for the lake ~ Sonny had an appointment up here this morning. We ended up having overnight guests when our friends missed the last ferry to Kelleys Island and they slipped out this morning before we got the coffee made!! It's cold and blowy up here today ~ I'm getting ready to hook on my bee pattern and then off to dinner with friends!! It's been a full and fun weekend ~ here's hoping yours was, too! Alice

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Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I just got Lori's bee pattern too! It looks like it will be fun to hook up! Love that hooking supply case.

Julia said...

What a cute easy pattern. You should have that hooked in no time but you are always so busy, busy as a bee that is. A fitting rug for you. he he.

Winning is always so much fun. It's not what you win but just having your name picked that gives a rush. A neat little tool bag for hookers. Love the design. JB

acorn hollow said...

It sounds great! I love the tool keeper.

Saundra said...

I cannot wait to start my bee chair pad; that is what I plan to hook the night before Barb's class and to work on befor she gets to me in class. Yours is looking great.

I used to live near Walnut Creek; in a small town of San Ramon, CA