Sunday, April 15, 2012


  Yesterday's show was great!  Lots of shoppers and lots of fun!!  Did I take a picture of our booth ~ no!  I took these two photos of other people's booths  the night before and that was it! 

This is my new friend, Ann Frank's booth!  We met as blog friends just this past week and she was a vendor at the show!  Really nice baskets ~ check out her blog A Hole in the Basket Primitives

Lots of my new dyed wools went home with happy hookers ~ and gals who do wool applique, too!  I met Charlene and Stacy, who are going to be in the Sauder class ~ we're going to have a good time, I can tell!  We knew lots of people who came through ~ I love doing shows and that's only one of the reasons!  It is hard work setting up and packing it all back up again, but I love the positive strokes when someone really appreciates my work and especially when they take it home with them!!  It's the ultimate compliment!

A new thing for me was that after many years, I once again have credit card capabilities!!!  It's called The Square and works with the IPhone!  What a slick little apparatus that is!  Thank goodness, I got to practice with people I know and it really works great!  If you're a small business owner, you might like to check into it!  I just installed it on my phone this week and when I was at the quilt show Thursday, a couple of the vendors were using it and loved it!  That was great confirmation for me!  I also have Paypal for ordering online, but I feel so 'with it' now to be able to offer credit card purchasing!!  Woo hoo! Of course, cash and checks work great, too!

Off to put the hooking room in order and put all the wool back in place!  It's a beautiful day outside ~ but first things first!! 

P.S.  Quite a few gals inquired about my Rooster Pair rug and wanted me to bring it along ~ I apologize!  I just couldn't remember everything!!  It could be finished very soon ~ if I keep hooking!  Thanks for all your interest!  I intend to send it to the Sauder Rug Show ~ wish me luck in remembering to register it when it's time!! 


Kim said...

You forgot to take a picture of your booth? Lol. Glad your show was a success,

Julia said...

Now there a busy lady , forgetting to take a picture of your own booth. So much to do to get everything all ready in time.

I'm so glad that you are happy with your sales and meeting blogger friends and you are so right that having someone appreciate your work and buying it is the best compliment of all.

You must be very tired today. I hope that you take some time to rest.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
SO SORRY I had to miss the show but I had a fun time off hookin'! I'm glad the show was a success.
Hugs :)

Lil Raggedy Angie said...

Alice , I just loved your booth wish I would have had more time to visit other vendors :0( but am now a new blog follower! Looking forward to getting to know you better! hugs lil raggedy angie