Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The tree ~ because we took it down on Sunday. Actually, there is no 'we' ~ Sonny took it down ~ he buys, decorates and dismantles the tree ~ I don't like to do any of that ~ it used to be the kids and him ~ how it's just him!! I took all the other decorations to the basement yesterday ~ 17 trips down those stairs (you would think I'd be skinny!) ~ and now today, I have to pack it all in the Christmas containers. I think the house looks so naked after all the greenery and adornments are packed away ~ I really love the house dressed in it's Christmas attire!

And say goodbye to ~ 2008! It was quite a year ~ quite a challenge for the building business ~ which I prefer to look at as a learning experience. Learning to be more conservative ~ learning that no matter what, I can't will that phone to ring with another great job! ~ learning patience. We were so grateful that it was a year of good health for us all ~ you can't put a price on that! So I thank the universe for the lessons and look forward to this new year of health and abundance for all!

This was the view from our lake condo this weekend ~ we love to watch the ice form over the lake ~ very peaceful. We are so blessed to be able to be there ~ I will never take that for granted! We went up on New Years Eve day ~ got Tad settled (who, by the way, had strep throat~ugh!) ~ met our friends for an afternoon libation ~ and then met for dinner in the evening.
And this, dear friends, is the famous 'Walleye Drop' in Port Clinton, Ohio ~ it's almost like the ball dropping in NYC ~ but not quite! They drop this fiberglass walleye (whose name is Wally) ~ P.C. is the walleye capital of the world! ~ from a crane at midnight in the middle of town. We try to enjoy this event every year, as long as it's not below zero ~ it was cold last week but lots of people jammed together helped keep us warm! It doesn't take a lot to entertain old folks!!

This past week, two of the blogs that I read ~ THE THING I DO & THE DOODLES OF MY MIND ~ mentioned Ali Edwards blog and her idea of choosing 'one little word' as your focus or mantra for the coming year. After checking out Ali's post, it seemed like a good idea and my word for this year is 'change'. There are a lot of things about me that require 'change' and as I go about my day the word actually creeps into my thoughts ~ that's a good thing! One aspect of me that needs 'change' is my exercise habits ~ I have exercised in our workout room for 3 days straight! That's like a miracle! I also want to hook every day ~ I've hooked every day this year on my 'hands' rug that has to be finished for the UFO challenge by January 20th ~ a small amount of time spent hooking every day, will show great accomplishments ~ I like this change!! Certainly, there are others ~ changes that I have to put into practice quietly ~ that will make me a nicer person ~ a healthier person ~ a more productive person, etc. ~ we'll see how that goes!!!

Let me know if you check out Ali's blog postings dated Dec. 31 and Jan. 3 and if you decide to choose 'one little word'. I'm guessing it can make a difference ~ I'm anxious to find out! Have a good day wherever you are!


Jacque. said...

Hey Alice...I'm so glad you chose your 'one little word 2009'. Change is a great word, because you can apply it everywhere...with every single thing you do...and if you change one thing...just one thing in a day, you will feel as if you accomplished something. YAY for you!!! Change is what it's all about. I'm going to make a small sign (hooked or stitched) with my 'truth' on it. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, my Tuesday's Truth. It'll be interesting to see what comes with that...I already have a really good outline for next month.

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