Monday, January 12, 2009

Just thought I would check in ~ we had a quiet weekend ~ I didn't leave the house from Thursday until today!!! For those that know me ~ that's like a miracle! I think I'm resting up for all the fun we're going to have this year ~ or from running myself ragged last year ~ that sounds more like it.

Regarding my 'one little word' that I chose as my mantra for the coming year ~ I think it has value!! The word is "change" and as I go about my day and am tempted to say or do some of those really unhealthy or annoying things that are so much a part of me ~ that word goes marching thru my mind! Not every time that it should, but it's helping! Of the first 12 days of this year, I have hooked every day but one (making great progress on that 'hands' rug). With a nice exercise room like this ~ wouldn't you think I'd use it faithfully ~ I'm trying ~ I've exercised every day since the 4th (that was the day I determined that I can't ignore the benefit of exercise any longer) except for Sunday ~ I've eaten oat cereal every morning but one to help lower my cholesterol ~ I'm making changes ~ so far so good!!

All the Christmas stuff is put away ~ my friend, Vivian, wants to come see our organized basement so she can get motivated to work on theirs ~ and I can actually say "Come on over!". That truly is a good feeling! My office is another matter ~ I have considered whether this was a good idea ~ to show you a picture of the mess I work in every day ~ or use it as a tool for motivation to get it organized ~ to 'change' my work environment! So here it is ~ in all it's glory ~ it will be a couple of weeks before the transformation will be finished ~ this is tax prep time, time to get the year-end reports done, get the w-2's and 1099's out ~ but as I'm doing this, I'm going to work on putting this place in order!! CHANGE ~ it's a good thing!

Another good thing is that my England Memory Rug is going to be in a book on pictorial rugs that is coming out this fall! Last week, I had a photographer come and take professional photos that are required by Rug Hooking Magazine, the publisher of Jane Halliwell Greene's new book! I'm very excited to have my rug accepted ~ that rug was definitely a labor of love and tells a story. I happened on Jane's blog one day in the fall when she put out a request for pictures of rugs that might be suitable for her book ~ I emailed ~ she emailed ~ and she liked what she saw!! You can check out Jane's blog here. Jane is a painter and a rug hooker ~ her blog and website are very eye catching! Sheri, who writes the Shabby Sheep blog, is also going to have a rug in the book ~ I know she is thrilled, too!

One more good thing is that all by myself ~ I installed a new counter on the blog. The other hit counter that my son put on for me, all of a sudden quit counting this past week!! I was absolutely elated and had just told my husband that there were over 12,000 hits and I couldn't believe that many people had looked at these ramblings since August. And it was like the universe heard me bragging and said well, guess what honey ~ we're done now!! There are all sorts of policies and rules and I don't know if I broke one, but it wasn't counting anymore. So after a couple days of waiting to see if it would come back online, I found another site and after more time than I want to admit ~ I figured it out and those nice purple balls at the end of the left-hand column, give me the info that lets me know someone out there is interested in what I have to say! And the blessing is, it gives me even more info like how many are new, how many are returning readers ~ so that malfunction turned into another good thing!

Those two new rug hooking forums that I wrote about in my last post, have taken off like wildfire!! So many interesting rug hookers have joined and both sites have informative forums and one has an online class ~ they are addicting ~ I can hardly keep from checking them hourly to see who I know that has joined and what they have to say! They're both great additions to our rug hooking world!

That's it for today ~ more snow and bitter cold in our weather forecast ~ if you're somewhere warm, be so grateful!!!


Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hey Alice,

What a start to the new year! Sounds like you are doing everything right - to me at least.

Congratulations on your rug in RHM - I look forward to seeing that.

And good luck on organizing that work space. I seem to spend much too much time doing that - only to mess it up again within a shake.

I'll be so glad when I am in the "future studio" at the cottage where everything will had a place - instead of everything in three rooms in the basement in the city.

Just thought I'd post on your blog - we really do get to talk everywhere, don't we?



Jacque. said...

Hey Alice...YAY! Sounds like having your 'one little word 2009' is least to keep popping into your head! As you know, my word is 'truth' and I am beginning to see it...and to hear it.

Keep up the good work. I don't dare take a photo of my 'office'...YIKES!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi girls!! Wendie ~ re: your future studio ~ if you can believe, you will see it!! It took a long time to get mine outfitted to my liking and it sure makes hooking more fun when everything has it's place. Hence, the goal to organize my office space ~ today I spent 20 minutes looking for an important paper ~ yikes!
Jacque ~ I do think that 'one little word is going to be so beneficial!! And I'm looking forward to 'truth Tuesday'!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting your rug in the book! Isn't it nice to know that something that you worked so hard on it being appreciated by others?

As far as your workspace, I can see the floor so it is in better shape than mine is. And speaking of better have quite a nice workout room!

I agree that both of the new rug hooking sites are great. The Welcome mat has been around awhile, but this new format has exploded her membership base! For me, internet groups are important because I learn a lot from new mentors. Stay warm!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, Lauri ~ there have been time I haven't been able to see the office floor ~ as bad as this is, it looks good compared to past years!! And thank you ~ I am very appreciative of the opportunity to have the England Memory Rug out there for others to see ~ I love to look at others work ~ don't you just devour new rug books when they come out? I hope you're nice and toasty in front of the fire today!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice! Sound like you are doing great here in the new year!!! : ) Love the new forums and all we can do and participate in both of them! : )
I'm trying to get more organized too...and thinking more & more about moving to a house with "one floor living" as Husband is still having his bouts of knee and joint problems!

Poor Guy...I wish I could do more to help him...but, of course, we do what we can and let the Docs do the rest. : )
Hugs, and stay warm on these cooold Winter days! Sunnie ; )

Jacque. said...

Hey Alice! You are actually blogger #2 to comment on my Pay-It-Forward challenge. Please send me your snail mail address via email (catch the link on my profile page) and don't forget to Pay-It-Forward. YAY!!!