Friday, January 30, 2009


It's getting close ~ to being done!!! One more evening of hooking in the fleece body and head and Mr. Leicester will be ready to bind and go to his new home!!! After this picture was taken, I gave it a preliminary steaming ~ I don't like to steam fleece or roving (it mats it down) so it was easier to do now before I set in the final fleece hooking. After it's finished, it will probably get another pressing but not both sides like I just did! I'm pretty happy with the results thus far ~ and I think Miss Melody is, too!!!

The other day, one of my rug hooking/blogger friends, Jane, 'tagged' several of her fellow blog buddies to write 6 random things about ourselves ~ so here are mine ~

1. As a kid, my mom and I traveled all over the country by car ~ we were very poor really, but I had the opportunity to travel almost the entire United States by the time I graduated high school!

2. My mom was a nurse. My dad, 30 years older than my mother, was in vaudeville!

3. Both my parents were born in Canada ~ I was born here in Ohio.

4. When I was little, my friends, Nancy and Carol (sisters) could draw like crazy! I tried but the results were not good ~ I had no artistic talent! But as I got older, and tried different things, I found that maybe I do! Hence, my theory that everyone has artistic ability ~ we just have to keep trying until something really speaks to us and resonates within! I wish everyone would open themselves to try something creative ~ you would be amazed at what you might find!!

5. Two times during my growing up years, I went to school in California ~ once when I was in 5th grade and then, my entire sophomore year! I went from a class of 25 to a 10th grade class of over 800!!!! Culture shock ~ YES!!!!

6. Key West is one of my favorite places to vacation!!

So there ~ six random things about me ~ and I mean random ~ I gave no thought to it until I set down here to write!! I'm not passing on the 'tag' ~ if it's something you would like to write about in your blog ~ feel free!! I'm not sure how I feel about awards and tagging ~ I think it's nice that others want to share that, but to follow thru and name others and insert links, etc. is really time consuming ~ for the most part, I acknowledge the accolade but don't pass it on. What do you think?? I actually saw on another one, that she had a little 'blog free and tag free' sign on hers!!!!!!!!

That's it for today ~ two more year end reports to put in the mail and I'll have that task marked off my list!! Then, on to organize this office before next week! And I have to pick up Miss Luci from kindergarten this morning ~ thank goodness her mom called and reminded me!! I get so caught up in what's going on in my little world, that I forget really important jobs ~ I suggested to Miki that she call me and it's a good thing she did!!! Some days, I feel like I need a keeper!!!


Helen said...

Morning Alice; I like your comment about being able to draw!!! I keep telling my girls in the hooking group that I too believe everyone can draw if the just try . When I ask them if they have really ever tried ,the answer is usually no So go Figure!!! Helen

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice...I really like your happy sheep rug!!! Your friend will love it!!!! What fun!! : )

I agree about the Blog awards! I try to write and thank anyone who gives my blog an award, but I don't put the graphic up or pass it on. : )
What will your next project be? Something fun, I trust!!! LOL
Hugs, Sunnie ; )

kstehens100 said...

Very cute sheep rug. She will love it!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi girls!! As for the next project, it is finishing up the American Fish that I started in November ~ that won't take too long ~ I'm more than half done with that one!! Glad you like my sheep ~ I'm in the office today so maybe no hooking!! Sun is shining ~ that's uplifting!!

JoJo said...

Love, love, love your sheep rug, Alice. And I enjoy learning new things about you. I'm sorry, though, that you're stuck in the office. We've been out running errands and believe me, it's 70 with brilliant sunshine today. Just perfect weather. And "everyone" is out and about because the streets are mobbed.

Have a good weekend.

Annie said...

I love your list of random things about you! I can't say I knew about even one of them. If I can think of anything close to as interested, I'll try to post them.

Annie said...

Whoops, I meant interesting (not interested).

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~ Lovin' the sheep rug, but I am anxious for you to get back to your Americana fish ;-)
The sun is shining on Ohio's north coast and snow is melting. Woo hoo! Is spring around the corner? Wishful thinking on my!
Thanks for sharing with us.

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