Monday, January 26, 2009

This is a progress picture of the Leicester sheep rug I'm working on ~ I took a little break to finish the hands rug ~ and I hooked a little bit last week on this. It won't take long if I stick to it ~ I'm floundering on my 'hook some every day' resolution that I made ~ and it shows!!!

My friend and customer, Lauren, sent me this photo of her rug that she recently finished!! I think it's great and she said it's her biggest rug so far! Some of the wool came from me and I really appreciate her letting me see her finished product ~ very antiquey looking! Okay, Lauren ~ what's next??

One snowy day last week, grandchildren, Jordyn and Logan, came for the afternoon with their dad. Jordyn came in from the Grandpa's shop with this unpainted finial and said she wanted to paint it but she said "I'm not a very good painter" and she thought it would look good with a face on it!! I told her I thought I could paint a face on it so we went to my hooking studio ~ where I have all kinds art supplies that aren't hooking related ~ I've done lots of different things thru the years! So, this is how her unpainted finial came to life and Jordyn wants to put it on a shelf in her room and hang her necklaces from it!! Pretty darned clever of her ~ she's a first grader!! And Logan got a painted pumpkin face to take home ~ I forgot to take a picture but he was sooo happy!! He's almost five and he made such a sad face last week when he saw the hands rug ~ he said "BoBo (that's my grandma name) why did you draw my hand so little??!!" He was too young to remember that I drew his little hand when he was not quite two years old!! They went up to see the rug again last night ~ I can see that it really interests the little kids to see their hands and names hooked into a rug ~ good call, Grandma!!!

Last week, Sonny turned the big 65!! Holy crow ~ I never thought I would be married to a 65 year old~ of course, I'm not far behind!! We celebrated by going to a 4th grade strings concert for grandson, Luke (very nice by the way!) and then Luke's parents (my son Ted and Miki) took us out for dinner ~ that was a nice bonus ~ and the Mexican waiters sang a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday to the old guy while he wore a big sombrero!! A good time was had by all!! Friday night, we had dinner at The Garden up at the lake with friends and last night, Sonny's son Chris and family brought chocolate cheesecake for his dad's birthday!! The celebrating goes on and on ~ and we're glad!!

It's really cold here in Ohio again ~ 7 degrees this morning! I hope you're all warm and toasty wherever you are!


JoJo said...

We're cold here so you're not alone. Maybe not as cold as you are but our current high for the day is 22 with a stiff north wind.

Happy Birthday wishes to Sonny. It sounds like he got to do lots and lots of celebrating and that's a good thing. My Gerry and I aren't that far behind you and Sonny so we need to let loose and enjoy every little bit that life has to offer.

Jordyn's finial is darling. What a great idea she had to paint it with a face and use it for her necklaces!!

I wish you'd gotten a picture of Logan's pumpkin face. I'll bet his is adorable too.

Love your sheep rug. You may be having trouble keeping up with your promise to hook every day but I'm doing pretty well with hooking a little bit 3-4 times a week. I could still eat dinner off of my hands, since they're still the size of salad plates, and now the pain has moved into my wrists. I guess it's a good thing my elbows still work so I can get food into my mouth~~~not that eating has ever been a problem!!

We're waiting for snow tonight. Supposed to get anywhere between 1-3 inches but that effectively keeps me housebound. I'm too afraid of slipping and falling in the driveway. But we had a nice weekend, although it was cold. Gerry played in a pool tournament but I got my hair done and some errands run. It was so nice to have the car to myself and go where "I" wanted to go.

Stay warm and love all of those grandchildren. I'm still in love with your "Hands" rug.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks, JoJo ~ always good to hear from you!! We will all be so glad to see Spring, won't we? Hope you can go play pool this week ~ that will perk you up even if it is freezing out there!!! Take care ~ and good that you're hooking 3-4 days ~ good girl!!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~ How kind of you to post a picture of my rug! Thank you. I have just barely started a new project. I try to find a half hour of "me" time a day, but I'm successful only some of the time. I will keep you posted on my progress.
Belated birthday wishes to Sonny. May he have many, many more.
Try to stay warm here in Ohio. Some days, it's not easy.

Jacque. said...

Always love coming to your blog and hearing all the 'news'. Happy Belated Birthday to Sonny...many more to come. That finial idea was ingenious! Doing great on your sheepie rug!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Lauren and Jacque ~ thanks for dropping in!! So glad you liked the little surprise of seeing your rug here, Lauren!! And Jacque ~ thanks for your kind words!! Glad you guys enjoy your 'visits'!! Lauren actually can come visit ~ soon I hope!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~ I hope so, too. I'm sure you can inspire me ;-)