Saturday, January 17, 2009


This is kind of an interesting challenge! The other day, I was reading Jacque's blog "Doodles of My Mind" and she had a Pay It Forward challenge that she, too, had found on someone else's blog. I was one of her lucky winners (I'm gonna get a free gift!!) and so I'm offering the following to three of my readers:

The first three people who comment on this post and let me know that they want to be part of this, will get a handmade gift from me! Each of them in turn, will post about the Pay It Forward challenge on their blog and give a handmade gift to their first three commenters ~ and on it goes! It works best, of course, that you have a blog so you can participate and that it's something you really want to do! And ~ one more good thing is that you have 365 days to make and ship your gift ~ it doesn't have to be done today ~ and it can be anything and any price range of your choosing!! I love the idea of paying it forward ~ love the idea of giving ~ and giving a handmade gift! It may be just the thing that perks up someone's day and opens us all to an opportunity to give for giving's sake!!

So ~ I'll be waiting ~ who will be the lucky winners??!!!


Helen said...

Hi Alice I have been reading your blog for several months now and have enjoyed it so much. I do not have a blog I think I am too old to keep it up and with all the websites so interesting I need to have a little time left over for hooking. I love the idea of Pay it Forward and remember reading the book I must get it again and re read it. However I will make three gifts and send them off to some unsuspecting friend anyway. Someplace, likely on the computer just recently I read IF THE POWER OF LOVE COULD OVERCOME THE LOVE OF POWER THE WORLD WOULD HAVE PEACE.MY SERMON FOR TODAY. Helen

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Dearest Helen ~ what a wonderful and generous spirit you are!!!! Your offer to make gifts for friends is very touching to me ~ and I mean that sincerely! I love your quote regarding the Power of Love ~ you have made my day!!! Please send to my email your address so that when your gift is ready, I'll be ready with all the info I need. It won't be right away ~ but it will be worth the wait!!! Thank you so much!

Julie said...

Hi Alice!
I'm a pay it forward kind of girl too. I would love to take part in you effort. I do have a blog, as you know & I would be happy to post this on as well. It is truely better to give than to receive and to do to others as you would like done unto you. That is what I take from paying it forward. It does the spirit good!
Good luck,

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Well, hi there, girlfriend!! I would be so happy to make a gift for you and I know that you will pass it on!! Isn't this a great idea? I have to thank Jacque for posting it on her blog so that we can carry it on!! And I have to get off this computer ~ I get nothing done but read, read, read! Thanks, Julie!!! Wait patiently, please!!!

jane augenstein said...

Alice....I have something for you on my blog...lemonade! Go check it out!!

dulcy said...

Hi Alice,

You're just so sweet to check on me. My mother is 92 and has been critically ill. It has resulted in moving her from her home to a nursing home (very nice one, but still a nursing home)and I've been cleaning out her home. I've missed a week of work and since this whole episode started almost a month ago, I've hardly hooked and not blogged at all. I'm going back to work (teaching) tomorrow and will try and get back to normal life as much as possible. Hope this isn't more information than you were looking for! Once again, thanks for keeping in touch.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, Helen ~ please email me at with your address so that when I get your gift ready, I will know where to send it!! Thanks so much ~ Alice

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