Monday, February 2, 2009


Mr. Sheep is done ~ all ready for his new home!! I love to hook rugs!! This rug was really a creative endeavor for me ~ the design, the color plan, all with the customer's wishes in mind! I loved doing it and forever will feel part of this rug! I loved using the Irish knit sweater as a catalyst for that crazy sky ~ when we decided to incorporate that into the rug, I wasn't sure where it was headed but I love the end result!! There is also a blue angora sweater in the sky along with a variety of wools and dyed roving to give it a lot of color and texture! I think that is the lesson in this rug for me ~ utilize different fibers and materials ~ think outside the box ~ color outside the lines ~ don't be a follower ~ look at this as one more step on my creative journey!!

I'm showing you this rug because a. I love it! b. I bought it in England when we went a couple of years ago and c. this rug gave me the idea to hook with the Leicester fleece!! Eileen Scholes is the artist who created the Herdwick Sheep from Herdwick fleece and I was fortunate enough to be at the hook-in where she offered it for sale! We haven't met but do correspond by email ~ I love the creativity of this rug as it is all recycled fabrics ~ ribbons, jerseys, sweaters ~ lots of nice fibers hooked into one lovely rug!! So Eileen, I must thank you for the inspiration and ~ for enabling me to bring your art work back home to the States!!

Blessings abound today!! This very delicate hooked pin came in the mail today from an online friend, Helen, from Canada!! Helen was the first to respond to the Pay It Forward post I did a while ago ~ I will be sending her something hand-made by me ~ but the dear lady sent me something first!!!! It measures 2" from leaf to leaf and is hooked with the thinnest cut I've ever seen!! And she sent the nicest letter ~ which I enjoyed immensely!! Thank you, ever so much, dear Helen ~ I will treasure this little gem of a pin always!!!

And I am so happy to say that I won't be able to post for a while!! By the grace of air miles and our wonderful lake friends who invited us to stay with them ~ we are going to Florida for a week ~ away from the snow and cold!! Yeah team!! I can't wait!! I'm doing laundry, billing, packing and tidying up all at the same time ~ trying to get it all done before we leave for the airport tomorrow evening!! Tad's sitter will be holding down the fort here ~ bless her heart!!! ~ while we're working on a nice tan ~ I hope! And we're meeting up with other friends who are down there, too!! So until next week ~ stay warm ~ hook something wonderful ~ and I'm sure I'll have something fun to write about ~ and pictures to show !! Ta ta for now!!


Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hey there,
Hope you are already winging your way to the sunshine - wouldn't that be wonderful!!!!

Your sheep is amazing, as is the companion one from England. They are such a wonderful subject - my sister is very drawn to hookin them.

And I love what Helen sent you. It's beautiful and such a sign of spring.

Enjoy your warmth (if you're not already there).


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks so much, Wendie!! Soon we'll be on our way ~ office work to finish up ~ throw some glad rags in a bag and we're off!! Ta Ta for now!!

Miccosukee said...

I love your sheep rug. I have several sheep ones in my to-do basket. Love that you had the real stuff to work with.Great job!

Being one of many rug hookers here, what part of Florida are you going to? Since I live in north Florida, we aren't known for being a mecca for winter visitors.

However, I grew up in the Tampa/St.Pete area which is where several Canadians have escaped the snow. Where are you going?
We probably could set you up with some hookers!!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Trisha ~ we are headed for Englewood, north of Ft.Myers. I would love to meet up with some hookers but we're visiting non-hooking friends this trip!! Lots of fun and food this week ~ and meeting up with other friends who are down there, too! Thanks for the offer ~ if we ever vacation up your way, I'll let you know!! I'm trying to find some clothes that fit that will work for warmer weather ~ not fun!!! Ta Ta !!

JoJo said...

Alice, I'm wishing you and Sonny a wonderful and relaxing trip to sunny Florida. May you come home with a nice tan, full of good food and with a happy soul from visiting with good friends.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Just love the sheep rug ;-) You are just too darned talented.
I hope you are having a great time in Florida. Please bring some sunshine and warm temps back to Ohio.

Anonymous said...