Monday, January 16, 2017


Last Saturday, Sonny and I went to Just Breathe in Bellville, for salt therapy. It is supposed to be very good for respiratory issues ( which he has right now in the form of bronchitis) and skin issues, which we don't have!

It was very relaxing and quite soothing to sit in a room with Himalayan pink sea salt panels on the wall, salt crystals on the floor and a salt mist being blown into the room via a salt generator. They play soft music and the lights are low for a 45 minute treatment! I know, it sounds kind of 'out there' but the next morning he was able to breathe better!! I'm sure we'll do it again! You can google salt rooms and read for yourself!

I just upgraded my phone program so I hope it will enable me to post without issues! If so, maybe I can post more often!! It wouldn't accept my picture of the salt room ~ how irritating!

Have a good day ~ it's going to be in the 50's here in Ohio tomorrow!


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Kim said...

It sounds fabulous. Those Himalayan salt rock lamps are all the rage right now

ce8d632a-647c-11e3-94d3-000bcdcb2996 said...
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Julia said...

Hi Alice, I had never heard of salt room therapy. It sounds intriguing. I know spending a day at the beach in the salt air is very therapeutic. Thanks for sharing this. It's always nice seeing a post fro you.

acorn hollow said...

I keep hearing more and more about salt lamps and rooms I say it is worth a try

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