Saturday, June 8, 2019


Hello!!! It has been two years since I posted because blogger wouldn’t accept my photos and without pictures, it didn’t seem worth doing! So we’ll see what happens! We went to Art in the Park today here in Port Clinton on Lake Erie and saw some fun things! 
This is a tufa rock
Planted with various sedums and it came home with us! Real tufa as opposed to manmade hypertufa!

A bracelet made of hand-rolled recycled newspaper - $5!! 

And a beautiful sunrise this morning!!
If this posts with words and pictures, I may do it again!! And reading Lauren Fuqua’s blog today inspired me to try!! Have a good weekend!! 


acorn hollow said...

It posted you must post again! lovely sun rise and that bracelet for 5.00 wow good find.

Julia said...

Hi Alice. It's so nice seeing a post from you today after a long rest from Blogger. You have been missed.
I don't post often now but I still comment on my favorite blogs who leave comments on my blog. This time of year, I'm outdoors from dawn to dusk. The weather has been really nice for gardening.
Hugs, Julia said...

Welcome back Alice! Nice photos! I read your bio so you do
sound very busy. I’m at a quieter point in life but I still struggle
to find time to hook! And that you have a side hooking business
is quite the doing!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~ So happy I inspired you to try posting and it worked! Keep it up. We love hearing from you.
Great purchases and such a beautiful sunrise. I am never up that early if I can help it ☺️

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Good morning! I’m thrilled to see I have four comments! Good to know someone is out there! I’ll try to post once in a while and get back to blog reading! Have a great Sunday!!

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