Monday, August 16, 2010


This I just had to share!  On Saturday, we, along with our lake friends,  went to Sandusky to a wine tasting.  When Sonny and our neighbor, John, walked out of their respective condos, this is what they found!!  They were dressed the very same, DOWN TO AND INCLUDING THEIR SHOES!!!!!!  Oh, my goodness ~ we all roared!  And got such mileage out of that all day long!  The three wives said if it were us, one would go in and change at least their shirt ~ but not these guys!  They were dressed ~ they were ready to leave ~ and we could all just deal with it!!!!!  It was funny ~ to say the least!  After our wine tasting, we stopped in a little roadside bar on the way back ~ a hole in the wall type place.  When we walked in, the bar was filled with locals ~ a place where they still smoke regardless of the fact that you can't smoke in public in Ohio ~ and did our little pair of twinkies ever get the looks!! Next time, Karen and I will check with each other to make sure we aren't going out with the Bobsey twins again!!

We also had dinner with a group of friends from Mansfield on Friday night and Sunday went to the Halupki Festival in Marblehead at the Russian Orthodox Church ~ halupki is cabbage rolls ~ yummo, as Rachel Ray would say! A very full weekend! 

The weekend before, we were driving thru Port Clinton past a local car show and spotted this pink jeep!  We both knew that it could be none other than my friend, Carol, from here at home!  She and her twin sister, Nancy (who wasn't there that weekend!) owned this little gem when they were 16 years old ~ and when they were 18, their dad made them sell it!  I know there's a story there, but I haven't quite heard the details!  A couple of years ago, this clever twosome tracked down a pink jeep ~ I think it was their original car ~ and now they go to car shows all over the country!!  Carol's husband, Dick, is their chauffeur ~ but he ducked out of the picture!  How fun it was to see my friend and her cute car and by the way, she's looking fabulous!

We have had a busy couple of weeks and I've found it hard to get the time to blog!  Week before last, my pal, Tad, had a thing going on with his hand ~ it was very swollen and painful ~ I took him to the doctor, and for an x-ray ~ and finally convinced them he had an infection in there and after a round of antibiotics, he's all better now!  Since I am Tad's only advocate, sometimes I have to push to get what he needs ~ the medical profession doesn't really like to be nudged by a caring mother ~ but it worked out in the end! 

And those who know me, know I can't walk and talk at the same time ~ proven by the fact that I opened the beauty salon door onto my toe as I was talking on my cell phone, hanging onto my purse and  opening  a door all at the same time!  That was a big hurty ~ it caused quite a commotion ~ I thought a couple of the girls in the salon were gonna keel over!  I lifted that nail almost totally off my toe ~ but they peroxided me and bandaged me and the hair coloring proceeded as scheduled!!!!  Anything to keep those graying roots from showing!!  I tell you these things so that you know life isn't all rug hooking and hanging out with our lake friends  ~ a lot goes on here that isn't always fun!

We gave up on selling our little remodeled house and have found a very nice renter ~ that alone has taken a lot off my plate!  I hope she stays and hope she takes good care of her new home!  Our previous renter had a long term  roof leak ~ never let us know ~ and it resulted in a project that took months and over $20k to make it into a livable home again.  It was a nightmare ~ one of several that made our past year a real challenge!  Lesson learned ~ as a landlord, always make provisions in your lease to inspect your property at least twice a year for furnace filter changing, smoke alarm battery changing ~ any valid reason to check on your property!

So onward and upward we go!  Heidi and I are off to Sauder Village on Wednesday for the annual rug show!  Yay! And this weekend are the wholesale folk art markets in Columbus ~ always a favorite thing of mine!  And my next post should be tomorrow to show you the Deanne Fitzpatrick patterns I have available!  So come back ~ check in to see what kind of hilarity surrounds us here ~ and enjoy your journey wherever it may take you!



Kim said...

OMGosh Alice that is too funny that those two dressed EXACTLY alike!!! Do they shop together as well?? ;o) Funny stuff is right!!!

Except for the toenail part..BLECK! I would have keeled too. I'm sick just thinking about it. Anything that makes a nail lift up....BLECK! But glad you suffered thru for your hair appt! LOLOL

Have fun at Sauder!

Kim said...

Two Little Twinkies.....LOL that is sooo funny. They were adorable by the way, but if it had been women - at least one of them would have changed! And to top it off with cabbage rolls and a pink jeep - sounds like a great adventure!
(OK, probably still going to be giggling tomorrow about the twinkies.)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Geez I've missed you.
Your Bobsey Boys are just too cute. What a hoot.
As always, your life is full of fun ~ except for the part about Tad's hand, and your toe (OUCH!), oh, and the renter from hell :)
Have a great time at Sauder. Hopefully I'll get inspired seeing all the talent there.
Pug hugs :)

weaverpat said...

Alice, that's just too funny! Even the shoes!!! hahaha!!! Unbelievable!
The toe sounds ouchy! Hope it is getting better.

Miccosukee said...

Have you ever been to Upper Sandusky? That's my mother's hometown. I was born in Marion and three others of the eight kids call Ohio their home state. The other four were born here in Florida.
I know there is a big difference between the two Sanduskies.

Jacqueline said...

great blog...