Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This group of photos are animal rugs and florals ~ so many rugs to see ~ so little time!  The double cat rug is someone's version of the Woolley Fox's "TOM" ~  I recently hooked this rug but just one cat!  Nice sheep rugs ~ my favorite!

Penguins, pugs and hounds running around a rug.  I believe the little placard says these were all in the 'original' category.

Love the lion rug in the middle ~ this photo is a combination of animals and flowers and a nice King of Hearts to go along with them!

This group of photos is very appealing to me ~ love the roosters and the kitty cats ~ the child's version of a cat is precious ~ and the beautiful tiger face is April Deconick's!  I ran into April at the show and her little boy, Alexander and her sister.  You can read all about April's hooking and dye technique's on her "Red Jack Rugs" blog. 

It's always interesting to see two different versions of the same pattern ~ the horse rugs here are great examples of two different artists' interpretations! The cat pattern at the right is in my stash of patterns to do. I think the little lion on the bottom is by Bev Cole ~ she did that in our class last year at Sauder! 

The sunburst in this photo is another by April Deconick.  She gave a  progress report on her blog while hooking this sunshiny face! Love the colors in the floral on the right!

These three rugs display so well together ~ my favorite color palette ~ nice and dark and muted!  The top left rug is one that my friend, Donna, and her friends each hooked and wrote an article about in the latest ATHA magazine ~ great pattern!  And the big geometric is a perfect place to use the small bits of wool that we all end up with after hooking so many rugs.

A beautiful floral and nice dark turkey ~ they also look good together.  I think Kathy Wright and her band of helpers do such a great job at displaying all the rugs that come in.  I heard that this year they had the most rugs ever submitted.  It has to be a daunting job to get all of them hung in time for the show opening ~ let's give them a round of applause!!

Another great pair of florals ~ the dark, primitive colors look so rich!

This floral has the best background ~ double click on the photo and look at all the intricate squiggles that give this rug so much movement!

 This showy rug is a real stand out ~ much finer cut than I use but I appreciate the many loops pulled to bring this dramatic rug to life.  The rug show incorporates all kinds of hooking ~ fine and primitive ~ and lets us know that there's room for everything!  Although primitive is my first love, I value the art that is traditional rug hooking. 

These two dark and dramatic florals are in the primitive style but also show that you can achieve great design and depth with a wide cut.

Last but not least, the top rug in this photo was hooked last year in our class at Sauder by Evelyn Arber ~ a lovely, sweet woman that I so enjoyed meeting.  She was with her 'groupies' ~ her good friends who love her to pieces ~ they were very fun!

I wish there had been time to get the names of each rug's creator but to take pictures among the throngs of spectators and write down names and coordinate all that is more than one woman can handle!!  I've given credit to the ones that I was familiar with and I give credit to each person who hooked these beautiful rugs and went to the effort to either ship them or hand deliver them so they can be displayed for all of us to enjoy. 

I have one last post of the Mary Sheppard Burton display ~ and that may be tomorrow's post!

Yesterday, I spent washing wool and marbleizing wool.  I've never done that before and will post photos at the end of the week!  Most turned out to my liking ~ a couple of pieces, not so good ~ but maybe they can be used anyway or over-dyed.  My arms are tired from wringing out wool ~ when I dye, I do it all by hand ~ I'm sure there's an easier way.  When I first started dying wool, I put it in the washer to spin and felt it evened out the color too much ~ I like my wool to be mottled so hand rinsing and wringing works best for me.  But today, my arms feel like they could fall off!! 

Off to wash all the greenery from my daughter-in-law's old salon ~ I told her I would freshen it all for her and then it would be ready to put in the new salon when she's ready.  It's coming together but lots to do this week.  Open house Friday night ~ what was going to be wine and cheese is now that plus appetizers!  My assignment is meatballs ~ the ones done in sauerkraut!  Talk to you soon ~  thanks for stopping by!


Jacqueline said...

thanks so much for sharing your pictures..

Tony Latham said...


Thanks so much for taking the time to post these great photos from your visit to Sauder. I really appreciate you making the time.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You're very welcome! It really is a great show! I feel lucky to be so close!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...
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Miccosukee said...

Once again not only a wonderful showing of photos but great commentary. Thanks for taking the time to do so and allow those of us who will never get there to ride on your shoulder.

Can't wait to see all your beautiful wools. Best of luck to your daughter-in-law on her new salon. You are one super MIL. Wish you had been mine!


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