Monday, August 2, 2010


Actually, this was last weekend's fun, but I was so busy this past week that I had no time to post!!  This cute duck (I thought it was a goose and was going to title my blog "GOOSE AT THE MOOSE' but someone set me straight who personally knows about this duck!) was sitting in a hot truck parked at our local Moose club, on the lake, where we had lunch last Saturday!  Sonny and our friends suggested that maybe I drank my lunch but they were with me and knew better!!!  This poor duck was panting and beside himself with the heat even though the windows were open!  I had bottles of water in our car and our friend, John, reached in poured water in the duck's glass (he had his own in the cup holder) and the duck was dipping his head in there and splashing and I swear I could hear him quack a little 'thank you'!!!!!!  It was pretty darn good entertainment but also pretty upsetting that someone would go in and have lunch and leave his duck in the truck!! 

Karen and I had actually just come from a local quilt show and this beautiful quilt was the first one we saw!  I only had my phone to take the photo but  the color was gorgeous and the piecing very intricate.  From one of the vendors, I bought a cute tote bag pattern that was stamped right onto the fabric with the instructions and soon I'll make this into a beach bag ~ hold your breath, cause it will be on here shortly!!!!!!  Well ~ maybe don't hold your breath just yet!!  And I almost forgot that I won a door prize at the quilt show ~ a quilting book, several patterns, notecards and a small color wheel!!  Since I don't quilt, I may have to gift someone with my bounty!  I thought I was signing up for a quilt!   

This beautiful sunrise greeted us that same Saturday morning!  I actually jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to get the camera and capture this gorgeous sight!  It was worth it ~ the sky was a combination of orange and aqua and purple ~ really breathtaking!!

These three hands are showing off our brand new Friendship Bracelets made for me, Grandpa, and Adeline by grandson, Cam!   Adeline is Camden and Jakob's grandma who was visiting from Florida and they all came over for pizza one evening last week!  I love my bracelet ~ a double strand, no less ~ after Sonny and I wore ours for a couple of days, we cut them off and I'm going to hook them into a rug ~ that will be a nice way of saving them.  Adeline stayed with us last Sunday at the lake, too.  We always meet them for dinner when we're in Florida ~ our kids were married to each other until recently  and we share two grandsons and we'll always be friends! 

And one more photo!!  Such bounty I have received lately!!  I won these from two different blog drawings!! Yay!! The purple is from Corrinne Burke at Momz Wool and the orange is from April Deconick's Palette dying!  Love both of these and will find just the right rug to use these great colors!  Thanks, girls ~ it's always fun to be a winner!

This past weekend, our friends, Chris and Mike, were up!  We don't get to see them much but we had great fun on Saturday driving around and looking at things we've never seen!  The sign to Sonny's Beach is one we've seen for years and we followed a little gravel road back to this dilapidated building ~ we were shocked!  Somehow, we thought this was a happening place ~ maybe once, it was ~ but now it's definitely a thing of the past!  I love this picture that Mike took ~ I bet sometime it ends up as an 8 x 10 glossy in a frame ~ perfect for my old guy ~ thank goodness,  he's in much better shape than this building!! And thank you, Mike, for the photo!!

Last week was hectic here for oh, so many reasons!!  We decided to rent the little house we've had for sale for months ~ I had shown it a lot in that time and after the 'for rent' sign went up a week ago, I was showing it again.  Finally, we have it rented!!!  But of course, not without a lot of checking and verifying ~ in these crazy economic times, I feel the need to be so much more careful than in times past ~ you just can't be too cautious!  So the phone has quit ringing so much ~ and on Friday, the new tenant will move in.  Maybe now with that off our plate, I can get back to hooking and gardening and putting my life in some kind of order!!  Wish me luck!!!

Hope your summer is going well ~ only one more month left ~ it has gone so fast for us ~ it's like I'm a time traveler ~ jumping from one month to the next and wondering where it all has gone!!  Take care ~ come back, again!



Jim Breitinger said...

Great post.

A duck in a truck on a hot summer day?

Damn! Crazy, sad, funny . . .

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

If it's 'crazy, sad, funny', you can bet I'll find it!! And I thought Millie was the name of the duck ~ it's the name of the duck owner's dead wife, according to the newspaper in the front window!!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
What a fun post. I just love the "Sonny's Beach" picture :)
I'm sorry the little house did not sell, but at least with having it rented it is one less thing to keep you from hooking!
Pug hugs :)

Kim said...

OMGosh toooo funny!! The duck in the truck!!! LOLOL Good thing you had water handy to quench his thirst! Poor thing!

Love that quilt! And how fun to get gifts from Cam! The things I have to look forward to...


Cathy G. said...

Great winnings there Alice! You will have to hook something nice and colorful!

I hope he didn't leave his wife in a hot truck!

Cathy g

Annie said...

Love your duck in a truck (but not the fact that he was in the truck in the first place!). And, I think that Sonny should "relocate" that sign to your place at the lake :)

Jacque. said...

Love the photos...all of them, but especially the sunrise. So happy that you caught it. Awesome!

Jeanne (RED) said...

Just read your last few posts, I haven't even had time to read and I missed them! You are always so busy and have great pictures! Always enjoy reading about your fun times. I love "TOM" and you are one lucky woman winning quilt and wool prizes! You always inspire me to get hooking! Love ya, Woman! Jeanne

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