Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I feel pretty fortunate to have Deanne Fitzpatrick ship me some of her patterns ~ all on linen ~ I love her work and thought maybe some of you would as well!  
"Poppies on the Edge of Town"  
29" x 22"         $48  

4  3 available

This is the rug that is on the cover of her "Hooking Rugs" dvd.

I love her finished pattern (I lifted this photo off her website!) ~  it's beautiful.  For those of you who don't know Deanne ~ she is from Nova Scotia and has very unique pattern designs based on her surroundings and a very unique hooking style ~ kind of higgelty-piggelty rather than the very organized way that most of us hook. As I looked around her website, the only patterns that I have that are on there are this one and Dancing in Paisley.  Which makes me think, they are all one-of-a-kind that she drew up and put in her shop!  That makes them even better!!

 "Cove Boat"

20" x  27 1/2"                 $48.00

I love the paisleys in the sky ~


7 1/2"  x  19"                $26.00

"Dancing in Paisley"          

17" x 36"            $42.00

"Out for the Night"

12" x 12"   $20.00



5" x 26" 22.00

"Together Us Three"

21" x 13" $28.00

"Three House Doortopper"    32"  x  14"     $32.00

If any of these need to become part of your pattern stash, email me at gfraizer@neo.rr.com and I will send them out to you plus tax and shipping!

Heidi and I are off to Sauder Village rug show tomorrow and taking our non-hooking friend, Peg, along.  We'll stay over at the lake and hopefully have a little hooking time.  I have a refrigerator repairman coming Thursday ~ I am so looking forward to that!  There is a frozen waterfall running down the entire back of the   freezer ~ all I can think is cha-ching!!!!  Maybe we'll even run back to Sauder ~ on Wednesday,  I'm meeting up with Gene Shepherd to buy some of his wool ~ looking forward to meeting Jane Green (my England Memory rug is in her book on Pictorial Rugs) and I'm picking up a pattern from Bea Brock (who taught my sister in Texas to hook) ~ sounds like a great day!  When we can squeeze days like this into our lives, it makes up for some of the crummy ones that come along ~ so I'm going to do what the late artist, Tascha Tudor recommended and "Take Joy" in the fun and interesting days that make up the rest of my week!  I hope that you have something coming up soon in which you can "Take Joy" !!!


P.S.  I'll take lots of pictures for you!


Miccosukee said...

Oh what joy to have so many wonderful opportunities going on at the same time1
Since I live in a hooking wasteland, am looking forward to your wonderful pictures. Hope Tad's hand continues to improve.
Peace and Happiness,

bba01 said...

Salut!!!My name is bogdan from Romania!!!
We can be friends ???