Thursday, October 1, 2009

RUG RAVE ~ ~ ~

That's the name Heather Ritchie has given her special event that is happening November 21st!! You can check it out here and for those of you close enough to attend, I'm going to host a Rug Rave event here at my home studio!! Over three years ago, all of us in this photo (Jule Marie, myself, Heather, Heidi and Peggy) went to England to hook with Heather ~ this photo was taken at Sauder Village in August. Heather gave a presentation to all in attendance at the rug retreat, on the work she does in Gambia with the blind and told us she wants people all over the world hooking on November 21 for her Rug Rave ~ and it's her birthday! I told her that I would love to host an event for her and that we would have a birthday party for her, even if she can't be here!!

Heather Ritchie is a wonderfully generous and kind person and there are those in our area who would like to support her helping these people to learn a craft and help themselves. So on that day, I invite you to come hook for the day ~ we'll begin at 10 a.m. and end around 4 in the afternoon ~ bring a covered dish to share (we have to eat!) ~ I'll furnish beverages and tableware and a nice winter soup ~ and we'll make a group donation to help Heather further her work with those learning to help themselves! You can bring whatever project you're working on or Heather's Rug Aid pattern can be ordered through Rug Art Supply who has kindly offered to distribute the pattern here in this country, and donate half the proceeds to Heather's fund. I would like you to email your reservation to me at so I know how many to expect ~ we'll have fun hooking together and honoring our friend, Heather!! Here's hoping we have a full house!

Heather's rug was on display in the rug show at Sauder Village ~ she hooked it from a photo taken of her and I believe it was her Christmas card last year! The proddy rug in the group photo is also one of hers and they were both just exceptional. Heather's rugs have a story behind them ~ all part of her daily life and things that mean something to her. We just enjoyed our time with her so much and I'm happy to help her cause ~ I hope you will be, too!

This has been a busy couple of weeks! After two weekends of shows, there was so much office work waiting and I actually have made headway on clearing my desks ~ I think I may be getting a handle on this sea of paper that I wallow in every day!!

And there was another great grandchild born the end of September ~ Braxton Michael ~ our family is growing by leaps and bounds!!

We had a fun Saturday at Kelley's Island with all our lake friends ~ the weather was cold and rainy when we started out but later in the day, we were able to put our bumbershoots away!!!! Our island friends, Janet and Tom, met us at the ferry with golf carts and chauffeured us from pub to pub and to their lakefront home! We had great fun and lots of laughs and some great German food at the Oktoberfest at one of the local establishments!! It was good to get back in the swing of things ~ we've missed hanging out with our friends!! Summer went by so fast ~ here we are talking about Halloween and Thanksgiving plans ~ time flies when you're having fun!!!

I hope you're all having some Fall fun ~ tomorrow I need to get some outside decorating done. I have the pumpkins and picked up a couple of mum plants this weekend but definitely need more ~ and a stop at the the 'funky pumpkin' patch is in order ~ these people grow the most unique pumpkins ~ hope they saved some for us!!

Ta ta for now and take care ~


WoolenSails said...

Love those rugs and her postcard rug is stunning.
One of these days I might try a pictorial quilt.


dulcy said...

Hi Alice!

The rug rave sounds like such fun, and for a worthy cause. If I lived close I would be sure to attend. Also, the rugs you posted are fabulous! Thanks for staying in touch, and your sweet comments on my blog.