Monday, September 21, 2009


For this season, yes, my shows are over ~ I do two a year and since they were back-to-back weekends, I'm show free the rest of this year! This was my booth (I have to say, that booth looks very messy to me) at Saturday's show at Malabar Farm, "In the Spirit of Friends"which was a fabulous show, for sure! Five gals who are friends, put together a great folk art and antique show that the shopping public absolutely loved! The weather was great ~ the venue was great ~ and the grounds were dotted with primitives and garden art and antiques galore! I was happy to be there peddling my wool and frames to people who love to create handmade goods with quality woolens ~ people were very gracious with their kinds words ~ it was a great day!

This is a side view of our booth the previous week at the Quailcrest Herb Fair ~ there's a cute older gentleman back there counting money, I'm sure!! I love that show, scattered among the herb gardens at Quailcrest Farm ~ by the end of the day, my booth looked like it had been ransacked ~ it was a great day there as well!
Last week, I dyed wool everyday ~ this is one of my piles of dyed strips that I did ~ I just threw a lot of different wools into the dye pots and whatever happened, happened!! I got some really interesting colors and little bits of color are a nice way for people to add to their wool stash! This week will be devoted to getting the wool room back in order and then maybe I'll resume dying ~ for now, you can't even walk thru my studio since we emptied the truck yesterday and it's all sitting in crates and containers waiting to be sorted!

Kathy, one of my blog readers and email friends, stopped by the booth on Saturday and brought me this sweet little nosegay that she made for me!!! A gift for me!! That was very sweet of her ~ and now I got to meet my new friend face to face!!! I so appreciated her thoughtfulness and I loved her telling the old guy how much she likes my blog! Throughout the day, gals would come in the booth and say the same thing!! I couldn't have paid enough for those kind of compliments in front of Sonny boy ~ he always wonders what the devil I do on the computer all the time ~ and these lovely ladies just made my day!!!!!!! Thanks, Girls!!!! And thank you, Kathy!!

At the top left sidebar, you may have noticed that I just added my new website!! I started building that thing in March, totally set it aside and just now finished it!! I did it myself!! It certainly has much work to follow ~ I need to really make an effort to build a product line to offer other than frames and hooks ~ I would love to sell wool and some finished things thru there, so that will be on my to-do list in the near future!! I want to offer my classes in a more organized way, too ~ right now, I set up a class to suit the students especially for them but I know I should also offer a schedule of classes for people to sign up for!! This could just be my year to get really organized!! So check out the website and let me know what you think ~ I'd really appreciate that!! And any suggestions ~ we'd love that, too!!

We really had a full weekend ~ Friday, we set up the booth at Malabar, and then in the evening went out for dinner ~ Saturday finished setting up before the show started at 10 and after packing up at the end of the day, we went out for supper and ran into friends ~ I was really tired after all that! And yesterday, we had a wiener roast for all the family ~ 19 of us!! The girls all brought such scrumptious food ~ Ami made candied apples that looked so good, the kids all thought Martha Stewart was there!! I was too tired to come up to the house for the camera ~ I should have ~ they were all having such a good time!!

Today, I'm coasting ~ just taking it easy and trying to get back in the groove! I hope you all had a good weekend! I am so grateful for our busy life ~ it might be too hectic for some but we kind of thrive on it!!! Till next time ~


decorator to the stars said...

alice my dear, it's gio/joan from quailcrest, i was suppose to do malabar also, they're friends of mine :) i didn't have anything left after quailcrest, so i didn't feel like replenishing, but i heard good things about the show, maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Alice~I loved seeing you at Malabar and getting to visit with you for just a bit! Your booth looked wonderful! So glad it went well for you! I'm off to check out your new website! Blessings friend~Kathy

moosecraft said...

Love your booth Alice! I really want to dive right in there and have a party with all that wool! LOL! Website looks great too! Your home/studio is breathtaking! Enjoy a little bit of relaxing and then get back to what you do best! :-) ~Sharon

Linda said...

Alice, I am so disappointed that I did not make it up to Malabar as I has planned. I went to the Country Living Fair at the Ohio Village all day Friday and truthfully I was too worn out to make the trip up there.
If you get a chance to do that show sometime I think you would be amazed at the crowds. Actually there were only a few dealers with threads and wools there.
Glad you had a good show.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful booth and lots of tempting goodies, wish I lived closer.


dulcy said...

Oh Alice......I would so like to have been at one of the shows that you have displayed your goods in. Also, that green dyed wool is absolutely luscious!