Friday, October 23, 2009


These are the first photos sent to me from our class at Sauder Village with Jule Marie Smith, this summer. Bev started the first two in class. She really had them almost finished before we left! This is Hannah's Hen ~ they are all three from the Woolley Fox ~ Bev did a wonderful job using neutrals ~ something I find pretty challenging!

"The Weaver's Lion" is an Edyth O'neill design ~ back in 'olden times', the craftsmen of the day used symbols as their signage and on Edyth's blog "My Red Cape", she explains the history behind this little rug design.

Bev didn't do this rug in class, but included it with her email ~ it is Dutch Tulips, designed by Lisa Baughman, who works at the Woolley Fox! All three of Bev's rugs have great color ~ she had several rugs in the Sauder rug show. Thanks for sending them along, Bev ~ tell your girlfriends they, too, can be 'published' whenever they're ready!!!

Yesterday, I put the dye pots on again! This is a nice old red but maybe it does show a little more winey than it is in person ~ but very nice.

This forest green came out with lots of nice mottling ~ it will hook up great with it's own natural shading. I'm going to do a batch this morning ~ better get to it, hm? A shopper from the Malabar show sent some samples of things she would like, so I'm getting together a little potpourri to show her!!

Yesterday, the old guy went fishing on Lake Erie ~ a friend of our boys chartered a headboat out of Vermillion and had some room, so Sonny, Brian and Ted went along! They actually caught fish!!!! Very nice perch ~ we have three suppers worth in the freezer now! Yippee!!

We're off to the lake for our last Fall weekend ~ have to put the patio furniture away and get ready for winter! We do go up all winter ~ there's really just that one little chore to attend to! Then Saturday, we're off to Kelley's Island for Halloween hilarity!! People wear the greatest costumes ~ some very inventive ~ some just plain outrageous ~ we don't wear any ~ costume that is!! I do have my nice witch hat with boa feathers but that's the extent of it!! I'll make a report next week!!!

Hope there's big fun on your weekend schedule ~ if not, make some for yourself!!


Linda said...

Hi Alice......I am sorry to say that I never made it to the show at Malabar Farms. Someday though I am going to get my hands on some of your fabulous wool! Have fun this weekend!

WoolenSails said...

Looks like a great class, would love to take one with Jules. I envy your cabin on the lake, I would like one in maine and wished I had gotten one years ago, before the prices skyrocketed.


I Play Outside The Box said...

They are all so pretty!!

Where in the world is Jefferson City, Missouri said...

Alice I am doing what you said and I am almost finish with my rug. It is a wedding I have to get it done soon;....thanks for the 15 mins. You are one busy gal. I love all your work. Your stall was neat. I'd love to do something like that....but as you can see husband isn't a real trooper he just puts up with me....I've got wool coming out of my ears. So am trying to use what I got. So far so good. Got to dye more.....Have a safe Holloween.

Doreen Frost said...

Lovely rugs! Your dyed wool looks wonderful.

The Halloween party sounds like a blast!

Enjoy your day,