Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There hasn't been a lot of time for hooking this past week ~ but for lack of much to post about, here is a picture of one evening's progress!! Pitiful, isn't it ~ I've set down to hook once since last week. It was a busy week, believe me, with grandchildren here and all else that goes on in our life!!

Luci & Jordyn, love to pose for the camera! I took the little girls and grandson, Luke (he opted not to be in the picture ~ he's too old ~ 10 ~ that's too old ~ he thinks) to see the new Hannah Montana movie!! I took the camera because I thought there might be a big poster that I could take their picture beside but there was not ~ so I snapped it as we went into the theatre!! Actually, the movie was not too bad ~ they loved it ~ including the one who thought he was too old!

These are the newest of Sonny's creations ~ he made these from apple wood that was just cut and the color is beautiful ~ dark and rich ~ the green wood really soaked up the oil that he rubs on ~ it took several applications before they looked really good. One set is going out to Seattle with us this weekend ~ we are headed out so Grandpa can fish with the kids in the annual fishing derby that's held on their lake. My son tells me that they also have Little League games, lacrosse games and all-star tryouts ~ all of this on Saturday and Sunday ~ sounds like fun, hm??

Last Wednesday afternoon, my niece, Kim, that I hadn't seen in 18 years, came to visit! We had a really nice day trying to catch up ~ certainly there is more to be said but it was very comfortable and we'll definitely keep in touch now! My brother was her dad and after he died, I lost track of the kids and as a result of joining Facebook, I found them again!! I enjoyed her company a lot!

The weekend was busy with a fundraiser for our builders group and a wedding on Saturday. Now I'm trying to get last minute office work done (it's the middle of the night by now!) so that tomorrow I can pack. I have customers coming in the morning and then I'll be like the white tornado ~ flinging clothes into the suitcase and tying up loose ends so that everything will be ready here for Tad and his sitter. I hope you have a great weekend and I'm sure I'll have some tales to tell when I return! Enjoy this Spring weather ~ here in Ohio, it's freezing cold today, but somewhere, it's Spring ~ I'm sure!!


Linda said...

Wow you hook fast. Like those spoons. I know what you mean, I haven't picked up my hooking for over a month. I better get cracking.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alice! I have commented on your blog a number of times and wanted to invite you to my new blog..Sweet William Primitives...
I am the one who complimented you on your glasses at the Columbus "Heart in Hand" show and then followed up with a phone call later to tell you that I bought a pair for myself! (: I always enjoy your stories about your grandkids, the movie sounded like a fun time! Have a wonderful trip and please stop by when you return!
Warm Blessings! Kathy

JoJo said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with the grandkids. It's always great to have them around, especially since they represent our immortality.
I love those spoons that Sonny's making. I know you mentioned some time ago that you were working on a website for yourself. How's that going? And any chance that you might sell Sonny's spoons on your site?
Enjoy your trip to Seattle and I hope Grandpa enjoys his time fishing with the grandkids.