Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Last week, Heidi and I went to Akron to the monthly hook-in at the library!! Now that Heidi is retired, I have a traveling buddy so we go more often!! Arlene always has a little project going and this is such a cute proddy flower ~ I swear I can't remember if it's going to be a pillow or maybe just a little piece to hang!! Very cute!

This is Betty ~ a well-known teacher in the area ~ maybe even further than that!! Her sweet little flower matches her shirt ~ she's soooo color coordinated!!! And this pansie is hooked in a four cut ~ lots of detail!
Karen's runner is a great design and I love her colors! Karen hooks in a really wide cut and hooks very high ~ it makes for a very cushy rug under your feet ~ and uses lots of wool! We were having the discussion similar to the one on The Welcome Mat about measuring wool for a project ~ since Karen hooks so high, she figures eight times the area!!!!

Miss Jane is working on a cute little sheep ~ I should have asked her to turn it around so we can see it better! Of course, I love to hook sheep, so this is right up my alley!! These gals get so much hooking done ~ almost always a new project each time we meet!!
This was the first time that I got to meet Rita ~ she was the recipient of my Secret Santa gift swap on the old Wool Snippets online forum. She's a very nice lady and doesn't she look happy to be here?! She's recovering from hip replacement and looks like she's doing great! Another thing that's great is her hooking ~ love the antiquey colors in her rug!

Last but not least ~ here's Heidi! She's working on a stair riser that is a challenge rug for a hook-in in June. Have I started mine yet? No, but maybe now I'll be inspired!
This is a progress photo of my sheep ~ just filling in the grass under his purple legs!! I had also taken the American Fish rug that day and finally finished binding it ~ and then took this along and got some hooking done! This is a busy week here, so probably no hooking for me!!!
And this ~ is my Easter pie!! Son, Ted and family came for Easter dinner ~ they brought a wonderful ham from our local meat market ~ and we fixed the rest of the dinner. This grandma doesn't do Easter baskets and buy a bunch of stuff ~ but they do know this is the grandma they can call to mend a stuffed toy, shorten their pants, help with an art project or look up in the stands of their games and see their biggest cheerleader! Since we are a blended family, there is no shortage of grandparents for these kids and I'm the go-to grandma for the creative stuff!! So this bunny pie was my effort at Easter festivities!! We had a good time! Sonny's kids go to their mom's but we did see all the men/children that day ~ they hauled our hot tub over to Teddy's house ~ nothing like a bunch of guys putting on hot tub on a trailer ~ they were in their glory!!

I'm off to Columbus this morning to meet some friends for lunch and get my car serviced. We are babysitting Luke & Luci this week, so I'm taking granddaughters Luci and Jordyn to see Hannah Montana this afternoon after school!!! So I better hustle ~ big day ahead!!! Have a good week and thanks for reading!!


JoJo said...

It sounds like you'll have a very busy day today with the service on the car and the grandkids, to say nothing of the movie. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the hookin you got to attend. Like you, I always come home inspired after seeing what everyone else is working on.

It sounds like you had a lovely Easter and your bunny pie is too cute....although at first glance, I thought it was a kitty pie! No matter, I'll be it was delicious!

Have a good week with your grandkids!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

That's funny, JoJo ~ it does look kind of look like a kitty ~ it's a bumbleberry pie and they liked it a lot!!

Jacque. said...

Alice...gotta love that pie! It's fun to see what everyone is working on! Thanks for all the great photos!

Linda said...

I love reading your blog. I must get back to hooking myself or that rug is never going to get done.