Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yes, I actually hooked again yesterday ~ for about 3 hours ~ and I'm happy with the progress!! This little rug will go in the small guest bath here on the main floor ~ there's nothing hooked in there and it will make a nice warm place for our tootsies!!! I'm using mostly 9 and 9.5 cuts ~ some are smaller, like the darker line in the sheep body for better detail. The background is two wools but since one is double-sided, it has the appearance of three ~ and as they are the same value, you might not notice any difference at all. There is one gold sparkly star right now ~ I have always hooked the star first and then background around it ~ this time, I hooked the background first and then filled in with the star. I don't much care for it ~ the star shape got lost ~ it will probably stay in unless the other two, which I will do my old way, stand out ~ then reverse hooking may be the order of the day. I don't like to reverse hook! More hooking today ~ pictures to follow!!

Yesterday morning, we went to an auction ~ we used to go to many but our house is full and our lake weekends take precedence ~ so this was the first auction for us in quite a few years. It's a unique property that includes an old schoolhouse made into a home and 15-car carriage building & guest house,that Sonny built for the owner back in the 80's. We were anxious to see both and curious about what was being sold! Actually, the property was purchased yesterday by the son & wife of some friends of ours and they are so excited to be the new owners! The contents consisted of lots of old things ~ but the only thing we bought was an old hooked rug!!!!! Very primitive ~ very folk 'arty' ~ there's one little damaged place but I'm so glad to have it. It needs a good beating (to get the dust out!) and a good cleaning! When I get it all spruced up, I'll show you a picture!! Then I'm going to make it into a pattern that will be available for purchase!!

That's it for today ~ hooking awaits!!! Have a good Sunday ~

Oh ~ I must add that the little sheep does have a face ~ it's just not hooked in yet! I'm using roving and do it last so it doesn't get caught on the frame teeth!!!!!
Ta ta


WoolenSails said...

Your rug looks beautiful. The auction sounds fun, can't wait to see the rug you got.


Jacque. said...

Looking forward to seeing your sheepie's looking great! And, cannot wait to see the rug you got!

JoJo said...

Alice, I like the look of your sheep rug. It should look darling in your bathroom. The auction sounds like fun too. I don't go to those any longer as it's just too easy for me to spend money on stuff. That, and we now have a rule that if something new comes in the door, something else must go out. It's really changed the way I shop.

I'll be waiting to see the picture of your antique rug. Glad you're busy....I've been down for over a week with a cold, sinus infection and bronchitis. Not much fun!

Anonymous said...