Friday, February 27, 2009


One of my online friends, JoJo, always asks to see pictures of our kitchen!! So this one's for you, JoJo!! I had to pick a day when everything was shipshape and snap some photos before someone came along and gave it that lived-in look!! We call it a kitchen/keeping room ~ in olden days the keeping room was the hub of the home and this is truly where we spend most of our time!
The kitchen area itself is not that big ~ kind of like a galley kitchen. I always say that I don't do much cooking but when I do, I have a nice place to do it in!! Actually, when we built the house, I told our friend, who was designing the kitchen, just to draw it out ~ I didn't really want one, but he said I had to have it for re-sale!! Sixteen years later, I guess it's a good thing we left it in! The cabinets are cherry with this really dark stain that I saw in a magazine ~ we love it still! Sonny got his Viking range ~ I always told people that was 'his stove' ~ but I'm glad we we have that, too!

The high counter at the left of this photo, as well as a place to eat, serves as a divider to separate the work area from the living area ~ if we're eating at the table, it kind of shields the messy part from view! And when all the kids are home or we have a party, this is where everybody hangs out! Had we known, we could have built just a really large kitchen with a really large counter ~ because it's the most used room in the house!
We spend our evenings watching Tv here (if I'm not in my hooking room or Sonny's not in his office) and we most often eat in front of the Tv, too. When we have company or the grandkids, we do eat at the table and they love to eat by candlelight ~ I think it's a nice touch for them ~ you can feed anybody anything by candlelight and they'll think it's good!!

These spatulas are Sonny's latest project ~ since we're home more in the winter, he spends a lot of time in his workshop and last week, he made these!! They're cherry wood and the flipper part is very thin ~ they're quite beautiful!! We have lots of wooden utensils we've bought at shows thru the years and we do use them ~ I guess he thought he would try his hand at it and I'm sure there will be wooden spatulas in the future of all the girls in our family!! They'll like that for sure!!

Today is a rainy day in Ohio ~ we've had several days of sun and that's a wonderful thing! I've actually walked every day this week, and as soon as the rain lets up, I'm heading out the door. I've fallen off my exercise/hook every day goal and I'm trying to get back on! This old body needs some serious work, so I'm trying to get some fresh air and exercise and work on getting back on track!! In January, I spoke of my 'one little word' for the year, change ~ it's still there ~ in the back of my mind ~ trying to 'change' some old habits and create new ones! I know that you all know how hard it is to stay disciplined and dedicated ~ I used to be both those things! Wish me luck!!


WoolenSails said...

I love how you did the kitchen area, really beautifully done. We have a small kitchen and want to expand it like this someday.


JoJo said...

Oh, Wow!! Alice, how can I ever thank you for posting these pictures! Your kitchen looks very much like I thought it would ~~~ only better!! I love it, love it!! But now, I have a problem. I want to see it in person. But how do I get to Ohio?

You and Sonny have a most lovely home. And it seems to suit you perfectly!

Thank you, thank you!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~ I do love your kitchen! Mine is so small two people get in each other's way. The joke here is that I don't have to clean my stove ~ just dust it ;-)

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks, gals ~ Debbie, you can have a kitchen like this, too ~ knock out some walls, put some pine shelving boards on the floor, barn siding on the ceiling and you're all set!! And JoJo ~ head east, my dear, head east ~ we'll be waiting for you!!
Lauren ~ I love it ~ dusting your stove ~ pretty funny!!
Thanks for stopping by~ Alice

dulcy said...

Alice, your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! Mine is very small, but have managed turkey and trimmings several times. But, would be nice to spread out! Beautiful post! Thanks so much for always checking in with me.