Monday, February 23, 2009


Lots of hooking time this weekend!! Just perfect for me ~ love it when I can hook and not much else ~ and that's just what I did part of Saturday and most of Sunday!! As I worked on the background, it seemed apparent that I would run out of that wool, so I hooked around the pattern and left some big and some small areas so that when I filled in, it might look kind of random ~ and run out, I did!! In my stash of dyed wool, there was this beautiful really dark teal that I had done and I feel it worked out perfectly! A little bit of me wanted to call and order the background but in olden days, the little pioneer lady would have just 'made do' ~ and I'm glad that's the path I chose. It gives the background character and a not so planned look! So I'm on the homestretch with this one ~ the top border and the fish tail will finish it up! I'm running out of the sparkly gold that will go in the border and the fish tail, so that will be another little test to see what I can come up with!!

Last night, I watched the Oscars while I hooked ~ I thought it was really interesting ~ loved seeing the actresses who won in years past!! Sophia Loren looked wonderful ~ holy crow ~ she's somewhere in her 70's ~ pretty impressive!! I was disappointed that Mickey Rourke didn't win ~ I didn't see the movie but love a great comeback story and his certainly is one! It was just fun to watch all the glitz and glamour and it took us out of reality for a few hours!! That has value in itself!!

Saturday night, we went to the Kiwanis reverse raffle ~ it was fun ~ no, we didn't win!! Two winners shared the jackpot ~ I know the gal that was one of the winners ~ very deserving ~ a breast cancer survivor ~ I was glad she won!!!! Some of our kids were there and lots of their friends ~ I told Sonny that we were some of the oldest people in the crowd ~ that happens a lot lately!!!!!!!!

If I don't buckle down and work in this office ~ I might get fired from this good job!! So that's today's goal ~ TV off ~ no hooking ~ no more blog reading ~ just try to get to the bottom of the pile and see some desk top!! Have a great day!


P.S. As I reviewed this post, I see an 'orb' of light near the tree on the right!! Don't you wonder what that is?? I was going to retake the picture but no ~ I'll leave it in ~ it will give us something odd to think about ~ as if there isn't enough odd stuff to occupy our time!! Ta ta for now!!


JoJo said...

Hey, Alice, I see that orb of light also. Do you think it might be a friendly spirit giving your rug a thumbs up or an approval? Interesting thought! I love the way you decided to 'make do' when running short on that one color. To me, that's what makes a pretty and interesting rug.

I was hoping you'd win the drawing but am happy for the one woman who did win it. Sounds like she was the perfect candidate for a 'chunk of change from heaven."

I had plans to hook this weekend but those plans didn't pan out. I actually started spring cleaning and yesterday was taken up with our church's capital campaign for expansion. The economy is in such bad shape and it's going to hurt do try to do this fund-raising now but sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith and do things when the opportunity presents itself!

I'm hoping to get some hooking done this afternoon. It's kind of a bad pain day and I need to just sit and relax so, that means I can hook.

As for watching the Oscars, nope, not here. I had to catch up on some computer stuff and Gerry was down in the basement working on the bank statements for the Am. Legion so the TV wasn't even on! But I did get to see a lot of the women's gowns on GMA today! So pretty.

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Love your rug Alice!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~ Just LOVE the rug. Can't wait to see the finished product ;-)

Tammy Burks said...

This is a great tip that you've shared. It's also a reminder to hook sort of randomly on your background if you think you might run out of one color....that way you can go back and fill in with something different and it gives it such a "folksy" look.
Loving it!

Kim said...

Oh WOW! You got a lot done on American Fish! I LOVE it!!!! :o) I absolutely love the 'make do' looks great!!! Depth to the waters!! love it Alice!

Hooked on Primitives said...

Alice you are coming right along! Wonderful, love the color's, they go so well together! Hugs! Cathy

Julie said...

Hi Alice! Wow, now that's some great progress. I love that you made-do. That is a happy accident in my book. I always try to embrace it just like you did. Yeah for you!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hey, Girls ~ thanks for all the compliments!! I like the 'happy accident' term, Julie ~ that's me in a nutshell!!! And Tammy said 'folksy' ~ I would actually like to think my rugs are folksy ~ that works great for me! Thanks for stopping by and I love it when you comment!!

danasmith said...

I absolutely love that fish much that I want to do one too! Would you mind sharing the designer with me?
Dana in VA

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Good morning, Dana! Thanks for checking out my blog and for your compliments on American Fish! Barbara Carroll sells the pattern and if you check out her website, you will see it ON SALE right now under her 'monthly features' ~ great timing, hm? Let me see a picture when you get it done, okay?
Happy Hooking ~ Alice

danasmith said...

I just ordered the rug this morning!!!

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