Wednesday, October 7, 2015


One of our Portland, Maine excursion stops was Sarah Giuliani's home studio! Sarah is second from the left along with some of our fellow travelers.

Mary and Rogene are shopping in Sarah's filled-to-the-brim shop!

This is such a great rug! Hand-torn strips make this quite impressive! And Sarah is such a great personality ~ fun and vivacious ~ would love to spend more time with her! She had a great laugh and just the 'hint of an accent'!!!!

Another great rug on display in the kitchen, where Sarah had pastries and cider for us ~ and her cute husband was playing host!!

Sarah will be teaching at various places in Ohio next summer ~ I need to get signed up!!

Thanks for stopping by ~ I have lots more cruise stops to share!

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acorn hollow said...

looks like a great stop! lots of lovely wool.

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Alice - how fun!!!
I do want to visit her place some day - a few ladies I know have gone there and were delighted.

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