Tuesday, October 6, 2015


This was our home last week while cruising to Nova Scotia!

This is my long-time blog and Facebook friend ~ Kim Jones!!! Finally, we meet!!! Kim took part if the day off to meet us at Deanne Fitzpatrick's shop in Amherst and to have lunch with us! She is a sweet girl, for sure and I loved our time together!! I'd love it if you would come visit Ohio!

Kim and Sonny bonding over the wool!

This is my hooking project ~ all finished into a pillow! It is definitely not primitive but I LOVE the creative license that a project like this allows! Lots of alternative fibers and techniques ~ quilling, trapunto, clipped loops and I added some shirring to the sunflower petals!

Gail Dufresne was our teacher and she hung out with Sonny and I a lot! Very fun and creative gal!

And this is my favorite traveling companion ~ we celebrated our 33rd anniversary the day we sailed from Boston!! We did have a spectacular week together!

Lots to share ~ stay tuned!

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weaverpat said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the pic of you and Sonny. You look so happy.
What a treat to be able to meet Kim.
Cute pillow. It's good to try something different now and then.

acorn hollow said...

Happy anniversary! Your pillow is wonderful I love the color. Good for you that you got to meet kim. I was lucky enough to spend time with her too awhile ago she is funny and sweet.

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Alice
Oh your cruise home is wonderful - I think I may have to look into a cruise like that one. Glad you were able to meet a blogger friend and spend time at the shop.
Your pillow is just adorable and the colors are so rich.
Happy Anniversary!

Kim said...

It was so great to meet you and Sonny. We only had a few hours but I'd say we made the most of it.

yaya said...

I had to pop over from Kim's blog to say hi to another Ohio blogger! I don't hook but I enjoy the blogs from those that do. Kim seems like a really fun gal and I'm glad you 2 got to meet. I live in Ashland...if Kim ever does get this way, I'd love to meet her too! Have a great week and your work is beautiful! One of these days my hubby and I would like to do that cruise..it's on my bucket list!

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