Sunday, April 26, 2015


This chair pad turned out pretty well! It's hooked from selvages from the last dye pots!! Love the look!

Beloved daffs and bleeding hearts ~ so cheerful on the window sill!

Last week, Lori Brechlin blogged about these beautiful hooks from P is for Primitive. This one now lives in my studio ~ it is made from an antique shoe button hook handle ~ It's very shiny silver and fits in the palm of my hand perfectly! I don't know how much I'll use but I'm happy to have it! Thanks, Lisanne Miller, for sending it so fast!

Yesterday, we went to the Simple Goods show. Lots of early furniture and things to decorate the primitive home. We got this grain-painted box - a really good reproduction from folk artist, Mike Spangler. Looks good, doesn't it? Even if we don't buy a lot, it's always an education to learn about things we don't often see.

This week will be a busy one ~ getting ready for the From Our Hands & Hearts show in Penninsula next Saturday!

Hope you had a good weekend ~ the weather is trying to get better! Talk to you soon!

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Julia said...

I too save my salvage from a bolt of natural white wool but mine are ripped out before I put them in the dye pot. I never hooked a wide cut like that and do't have the primitive backing.
Nice and cushy chair pad.
Love the special antique hook and the pretty flowers.
Have a great week.

Miccosukee said...

Glad you got one of those beautiful silver hooks. I keep looking at them, but can't quite get to the stage of putting money down for it. Just planted some Oriental lilies, four new hostas, and redid two hanging baskets with geraniums and a Boston fern. Now I will et out of the heat.

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