Saturday, August 24, 2013


I'm thrilled to have this small hooked rug from days of old!! It reminds me of the old Magdalena rugs. Some of the hooking is gone but I love it just the way it is! It's backed with an old feed sack handsewn to the rug. I'm thinking of recreating it into a pattern for my fall shows!

This one is not as old but it's in perfect condition and has great color!

Lakeside is such a charming little place ~ it's a Methodist Chautauqua ~ very quiet and picturesque. This little vignette is across the street from the show and I love seeing how they plant it every summer.

There are still lots of Sauder pix to post from our class and the show! And pix from a fun class I took this past Wednesday. I'll try to catch up!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


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s said...

I love Lakeside wish I were there!!! Neat piece!
take Care,

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

great little rug! love the red geraniums ~

Julia said...

Hi Alice, I'm looking forward to seeing your own reproduction of the vintage duck rug. I love the pattern and colors.
Sweet little Christmas rug.
It's amazing how red geraniums perks up a garden.
Have a great weekend.

dulcy said...

Great finds Alice! Darling cottage across the way.....


Saundra said...

Great finds Alice; and the design does remind me of Magdalena style.


My Colonial Home said...

What a wonderful find that duck hooked piece is...I love the age look of it a lot.
Adorable tree rug as well.
Such a pretty place - decorated so cute.

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