Sunday, December 16, 2012

Knitting ~ ~ ~

Tonight's project was a scarf ~ my first!! I've knit one other project so I went to my Pinterest boards for refresher tutorials on casting on and binding off and voila! A scarf was born!

This is a skein of Ozark handspan that has lots of texture and color variety. I'd like to tell you I whipped this right out but I had a false start. It was too wide and after a good bit was on the needles, I knew a skein wasn't going to do it - so I pulled it all out and cast on six stitches instead of twelve ( my own plan - no pattern) and ended up with a nice long neck warmer!! I am a little bit proud of my evening's project. I'm getting a cold and feel kind of crummy so decided I would do something to take my mind off it ~ it worked just swell!!

Now, I'm slathered in Vicks and dosed with Motrin and off to my bed!! Night all!!


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weaverpat said...

I can't believe you did that in only one evening! How cool!!!
Hope you are feeling better really soon.
Happy Holidays!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Actually, Pat, , two hours from the beginning of the second start to the end, including reading the tutorial on bindin off! I think I could crank these out in less time, if I knew what I was doing!!!! I told Sonny that I can only knit with huge needles and chunky yarn to hide my sloppy tension!!! It was a fun thing to do, though ~ but not neat like your sweaters! Maybe someday!!

Cathy G. said...

Oh Miss Alice!
You should be very proud to have figured out how to make such a beautiful neck warmer!
Hope you get to feelin' better real soon!!
Cathy G

woollylottrugs said...

Feel Better Alice! My Greg is just getting over a bad cold. Love the neck warmer!!! Merry Christmas!


Julia said...

Well done Alice, on that scarf and how perceptive of you to quickly recognize that you would not have enough yarn to finish with your first plan. Now there's no stopping you.

Hope that you feel better soon. Thank goodness that your cold will be gone before Christmas. Speedy recovery.


dulcy said...

Good for you Alice! My own experience has led me to cast on fewer stitches for scarves for the same reason. Yarn saving, and it seems that as the scarf grows it can almost become too wide. Since it gets wrapped around the neck at least once, it doesn't really matter, and less may be best!!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I love that ~ less may be best!!!

Char said...

You are quite the busy bee! I was catching up on my blog reading. Love the scarf! Love the little sheep you did! It takes me so long to make something that there is no way I could wait until the last minute to start any thing! LOL!

Merry Christmas, Alice!