Monday, December 3, 2012


Just received my package of ATHA patterns being sold to help fund the 2013 Biennial in California! There are about 60 patterns that can be enlarged to any size and I like a lot of them ~ there's something for everybody's hooking style! Go to the ATHA website and click on 'fundraising' and it will take you to the order page! A great way to support ATHA and add to your pattern stash, as well!

It would be a perfect day to hook ~ foggy and gloomy here in Ohio ~ but instead, I'm off to a Christmas tea, among other things ~ like scrubbing the carpet at a rental ~ and planting some daffodil bulbs that should have been planted in October ~ but it's going to be 63 deg. here today, so aplanting I will go!! Have a good day!

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Julia said...

A Christmas Tea sounds good to me today. It's gloomy here to but at least I'm not freezing today.

I hope that you'll find some nice patterns to hook in that bunch of patterns.

You'll be happy that you planted the daffodils next spring.


Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hi there, This was the little shove I needed to check out the ATHA site and sign up. We are having the same weather in Parry Sound today. It makes it hard to get into the spirit somehow. Finishing my Santa mat might help.

Miccosukee said...

Well, you did it, Alice. Convinced to buy that pattern booklet although I said I would not buy any more patterns until I get some of the ones I own sold. It doesn't feel like Christmas here yet and I have avoided going to any of the big stores shopping. Plus it's going to be in the '80s today and we can't even get any rain, much less cold weather!

Robin Leuschen said...

Wow....That is a bargain for sure ! Looks like there are some oh so wonderful patterns in that bunch !