Friday, June 8, 2012

DARA'S RUG ~ ~ ~

 TA DAH!!!  Friend Dara sent a picture of her finished mat from last week's class!!  She's on her way and I love how it turned out!  The crow was a dyed remnant and the mottling is just perfect highlights on the crow!  Another student stopped by this morning to pick up a frame ~ and I'm sure she'll now have hers done in no time!!

 Last weekend at Sonny's class reunion, they had a silent auction as a fundraiser!  I bought this cute handmade hat and fingerless gloves that classmate Sandy knit!  There's some sparkly yarn in there and that just did it for me!! She was such a fun gal that I just had to have what she so lovingly created!

This might not show up well but I wanted to show you a little damaged shirt rescue!!  My DIL, Miki, burned a hole in a cute shirt when a spark from the grill jumped out at her.  She felt really bad because she liked her shirt a lot!  I told her I would take it home and work a little magic on it!  I had this sparkly fabric (surprised?) and made a little flower to cover the burn mark (she likes it)!  Then I took a shirt of mine that had two little pinholes (where do those things come from) on the sleeve right at the shoulder  and did the same thing ~ stitched on a flower and a heart that I handcut from the sparkly material!!!  I used a little stitchwitchery and ironed it in place before sewing it on so it didn't move around!  There are a couple of blogs that I've run across that have done this kind of thing so I went to my memory bank (which is a scary place) and put that info to good use!  Otherwise, the garment is useless!  Try resurrecting something that you thought was ruined ~ it can't hurt!! 

That's it for today folks!!  It's a beautiful Ohio day ~ enjoy!!


jody said...

love the little crow mat! and great fixing you did on the clothes! always fun to use our memorie banks!! enjoy your day!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
What a sweet little rug Dara hooked. I bet she is "hooked".
Have a loverly weekend!
Pug hugs :)

woollylottrugs said...

Hi Alice!
What a great idea for fixing cothing ooops. I'll have to remember that. Beautiful day here in Pennsylvania too!! Hope you are well.


Kim said...

I love that you always have sparkly fabric on hand. A gal can never have enough bling.
Dara's crow is wonderful. Yep, she's hooked!

mdgtjulie said...

Good for you, digging such useful advice out of the memory. That's awesome!! Here's hoping they both last a long time!! Love the yarn she used for the hat and gloves. It's wonderful, and I can totally understand why you needed to buy them!!

My Colonial Home said...

Morning Alice,
Goodness the magic you weave! What a great recovery and so happy your dil can now continue to wear a favorite piece.
What a wonderful crow rug...I love the background too.

Kim said...

Thanks for the tip on the background wool. Now that I see it I will have a better idea.