Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Last Saturday, The Ladies Of The Wool, rug hooking group came for a luncheon, house tour and day of hooking!  They came from Columbus and surrounding areas ~ a long way!

 I didn't get everybody's picture ~ having too much fun to take pictures until some had left!  There were 14 hookers and they were all lovely ladies! It was interesting to me that most of them were fine hookers ~ fine meaning narrow cut ~ not a wide hooker like me!! 

This is Karen and Annette with Annette's adaptation of  Emmet Kelley Jr.  Karen, who is a teacher, was giving her some help with Emmett's eyes!!

 I wanted you to see a close-up of this piece.  This is Annette's second rug ~ second mind you!  She's doing a great job ~ an amazing job to me!

Karen brought her rug done in a class with my friend, Maria.  Quite a colorful background and a nice contrast to the softer colors in the pumpkins.  Very nice ~ and so was Karen!
 The gals brought a few rugs for a rug show!  We put them in the exercise room right off the hooking room and of course, I didn't get pictures of all of them. 

I was kind of a busy bee that day but managed to get this one before it's owner went home.  I love this rug and could easily have made it work here in our house!  She almost left it ~ that would have been too sad!!

I had to take a picture of Annette's shoes ~ toe shoes!  Aren't they cute?  Each little tootsie has it's own space!  The feet belong to Emmett Kelley's hooker!  Oh ~ that sounds terrible!!  But I'm leaving it in! 

This beautiful rug belongs to Jane ~ a lady I have done shows with in the past for many years.  We hadn't seen each other in a long time and now through rug hooking, we have reconnected!  She and her crafting partner made many jumpers and sweatshirts and I was a doll maker at that time ~ we spent many a weekend peddling our wares at the same shows!

This group of gals were so nice, so appreciative and complimentary ~ it was a pleasure to have them here.  Thanks to Sharon for bringing her group and I hear they want to come back in the fall!!  We'll be ready!! My friend Vivian helps me serve lunch and I sure couldn't do it without her!   If you have a group you would like to bring, email me or call me to set up a date!  You'll have a homemade lunch, a tour of our house and can spend the day hooking in my hooking studio! 

By the way, in just a few days, I will have Lori Brechlin's paper patterns of the Bee Chairpad to sell.  They are $12 and I should have them in time for the Western Reserve Hook-in where I'll be vending this Saturday.  I'll also have available some of the dyed blue background wool that I used in mine.  Let me know if you would like one!!

I'm working at my desk today ~ scary in here again!  And sometime, I will squeeze in some dyeing between now and Saturday!  Thanks for stopping by ~ hope you're having a good day!


Sharlene Washington said...

I love the last piece done by your friend, Jane. Do you know the name of the rug/designer? Beautiful work.

Ann said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing. Wish I could make it to your event this weekend - but we have baseball all weekend. Surprise! ~Ann

Lil Raggedy Angie said...

Looks like a great time ...but alas Im not a hooker I envy the talent and patience you ladies have many beautiful pieces ! Enjoy your week ! hugs lil raggedy angie

Kim said...

Judging by the photos you showed, that is a talented group of ladies! Looks like fun.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
What a lot of talent. Those are some mighty big rugs for a fine cut!
See you Saturday.
Hugs :)

Maria said...

Looks like you had a good day Alice! Love all the rugs. Thanks for the picture of Karen's rug. It is fun to see the finished product. Maria

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

The hook-in is full or I might have to go. That's a good thing as I would be tempted to shop too much. :-) Have fun! I'm now a WRRH member.

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, look at all the rugs. Your hookers are such creative people!!! Sounds like everyone had a blast. Can't do any better than that!!

Saundra said...

I just love the Emmit Kelly rug!!!!!!! I am also a wide cut hooker but do appreciate the work involved in the narrow cuts. Should say that I have hooked a narrow cut as I did the #3 cut Rottweiler Memorial profile of my dear departed pets. No more narrow for me tho.