Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HOOKED ~ ~ ~

 Well, finally ~ pictures of the rug I started at the Woolley Fox in November!  I hooked a lot for a day or two this week and got the center almost filled in!  Yesterday, I didn't even go down to the hooking room ~ it's kinda scary down there, right now!!  The numbers in the center are done with "friendship"  strips that each of the gals that were on that trip gave to me!  I love doing that ~ it's a nice memento of our time together!  As a reminder, since it's been so long that I posted about this rug, the Dresden Plate designs are done in various paisleys that I am lucky enough to have!  The last one will be done in oranges ~ I put them aside ~ somewhere ~ now, the trick is to put my hands on them!!!  Like I said, it can get scary down there!

This cute little guy is "Snowy Tony", designed by Betty Dekat of the Primitive Betty's blog ~ one of her free doodles!  I used sparkly wool for the hat, heart and bird and then a conglomeration of strips out of my strip basket!  And I added some white woolly yarn into the snow!  Tony was hooked with a real loopy wool that I have ~ it makes great snowmen or sheep ~ I have some to sell if anyone is interested!  I'm also thinking of selling this little mat ~ it 11" x 9", hooked in 9's & 9.5 cut on monks cloth and will be $85 including shipping within the states!  Email me, if you would like "Snowy Tony" to come live at your house!

It's snowing again!  We had a little respite this morning but it's really coming down, now!  School is out around here and since Ohio has gone to only 3 snow days, grandson, Luke, tells me they only have one more to go and then they'll have to make it up at the endof the school year.  Doesn't that seem crazy here in Ohio to shave off a couple of snow days?  Wonder what the reasoning is?

I just took delivery of a new dishwasher!!!  Yay!!  Not really!  Of all things to have to buy right after Christmas!  When I emptied the dishwasher full of Christmas dinner dishes ~ they were barely clean!  We knew it was on it's last legs but this was the final draw!  We had to handwash everything and went out the next day to find one on sale!  Sears, as always, came through again!  So, tonite on Sonny's honey-do list is installing it!!  He pulled the old one out last night so they could haul it away today ~ thank goodness he's able to do that kind of thing ~ it saves us a lot!  So no more dishpan hands for mama!!

Thanks for the nice comments regarding Sonny's frames!  Yes, we do ship and I haven't priced shipping to Canada, but will be happy to check that out!  Since they fold flat, there's not much bulk to them so it can't be too awful!!  Not only do they turn 360 deg. on the lap plate, but the frame also tilts, so you do get the most possible mobility that you could have!

That's pretty much it for today!  Did I mention before that son, Teddy, got us Skype for Christmas!  What fun I'm having with that!!  Talking to Luke ~ who lives a block away; sister-in-law, Rachel, in Tennessee; and the Seattle family ~ it's just like having them right here with me!  I love it!!

Have a good day ~ hopefully, it's not snowing everywhere that this is being read!  It is pretty, though, looking from the inside out!

P. S. Dishwasher ~ my words for Sears are not so kind tonite!!  When Sonny boy went to install it, he discovered it was damaged ~ dropped ~ in his opinion!  Door whopper-jawed, side panel bent out, plastic bottom broken and top basket rollers fell out when he opened the door and the top water dispenser broken away from the basket!!!!!!!!!!    I called three Sears people and the bottom line is we can get another one JANUARY 26TH!!!!!!!!  They were so sorry ~ if I had inspected it on delivery, the deliverymen would have taken it back right then ~ well ~ you couldn't see all that as it was just sitting in the middle of the kitchen ~ it looked fine!  I didn't know I had to tip it upside down and open the door and inspect every inch of it, inside and out  ~ but I will on JANUARY 26TH !!!   So, we have a gaping hole in the cabinetry for two more weeks (they took the other one away) and my dishpan hands ~ they're gonna be freaking shriveled by JANUARY 26TH !!!!!!!!  And thank you for listening! 


Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Your rug is gorgeous. I just love all the paisleys! Snowy Tony is cute, too.
Don't you just hate to spend money on applicances? I know I do.
I was supposed to go hook tonight but the boss is making us work late since the snow plow crews are still out. Bummer :(
We were spared the brunt of the storm and I'm not complaining about that.
Stay warm :)

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Love your rugs! I need a new dishwasher too.

Sheila said...

Love your rugs Alice! I wouldn't want to be without a dishwasher, doing dishes is no fun. Oh I would love to have Skype to watch my grandson.

weaverpat said...

Love the nice muted colors in the dresden plate rug! The Snowy One is cute too.
Congratulations on the new dishwasher. I don't have one and doing dishes is a pain! Enjoy it!!!

The Eveningstitcher said...

Love the rugs, Alice. I, too, just had to buy a new dishwasher. Mine stopped on Thanksgiving night (of course...why wouldn't it??), so we bought ours right before Christmas. Can't do without one!

Cammie said...

I love the rug you started at Barb's! It is a great design and love your colors! Of course, Snowy Tony is fun too!!
Thanks for sharing!

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Thanks for sharing the rugs with the dishwasher story. It would have been too depressing on it's own. But I've been there, done that - and eventually it will be a dim memory.

In the meantime, both rugs are awesome. I LOVE the little snow guy.

Kim said...

Great rugs - as usual! I really like the idea of the friendship strips. That would add some fun to a project.
Sorry about the dishwasher though. I stopped buying appliances from Sears a few years ago. The service (here) got crappy and the extra charges for delivery, set-up etc just ticked me off.
I bet on January 26 you will be going over that baby with a magnifying glass!

Unknown said...

Great job on the mats, Alice...Such a good idea using strips from friends...will do that when I go on my Hooking Weekend trip in October....
Hate the story of the dishwasher being damaged...doesn't that just kill ya??? :) can't do without mine...