Sunday, March 28, 2010


Two weeks ago, I had five girls in for beginning rug hooking classes ~ I haven't been posting in a very timely manner ~ that's obvious! This is Karen and her sheep seat pad ~ she did a great job and has called me and told me she's finished and ready to bind!!  I love it when the new hookers are so enthusiastic!!!

This is Karen's friend, Pat ~ I've known her forever ~ and she worked on one of my starter patterns Three Hearts.  She caught on fast and I'm sure it is done by now!  Pat is very creative ~ makes purses out of felted sweaters ~ she'll be off and running with rug hooking, I'm sure!

Jalane brought two of her friends on Saturday and they were all ready to learn rug hooking, too!  Look how enthusiastic she is!!  Jalane loves pumpkins so we got her started on this and I hear by the grapevine that she is done, too!

Bev and I have crossed paths several times this past summer so I was very surprised to see her walking up my sidewalk!!  She had already done some rug hooking, so she was a leg up on her girlfriends!  The grapevine told me she has finished the piece she started previously, so I bet by now, her hearts are done, too!  Call me, Bev!!!!!!!

Sally took to rug hooking so quick ~ anybody who knows me knows that I like my hookers to hook high ~ might as well start out there than have to change. Sally did great with that and she is finished, ready to bind and ready to start her next one for her new haven at the lake!

This was the past Thursday night ~ we were blessed with 3-4" of SNOW!!!!!  We had been out for dinner with friends ~ celebrating my 65th birthday,(YIKES!) ~ and came home to this!  The roads were awful but this was so pretty that I thought it camera worthy! Birthdays come around pretty fast now ~ it's kind of hard to believe! But I'm blessed with good health, good friends (my peeps Donna and Cathy took me out for breakfast and the week before, other friend, Cathy, took me out for lunch ~ it's no wonder I'm what my son calls 'pleasingly plump' !!), good kids and my hard-working, still cute, Sonny boy!! So, I'm looking forward to the next 65 years ~ I'll keep blogging and we'll all be amazed at what my future holds!!!

Have a good day, friends!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Your students are off to a great start! Very nice projects.
And once again, happy, happy birthday. I had forgotten it was one of the milestones ~ 'cuz you just don't look it at all!
We got the same snow "up north" but the good part is that it didn't last. Today is just rainy and miserable ~ ~ ~ welcome to Ohio!
Pug hugs :)

Jacque. said...

Wow...they're going great guns! Happy Belated Birthday!

weaverpat said...

Hi Alice,
Happy Birthday!!! May you enjoy many more!

Your students did a great job. You must be a good instructor! And they all look so happy to have come to your class.

Enough is enough for the snow. It's time for it to be DONE!!!

Cathy G. said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! It's so great to see your hooking students and the smiles of wonderful accomplishments! I bet you are the best teacher ever!!
You sure have a lot of friends! Seems like a lot of them are named Cathy. LOL Thank-you for posting the photos ( I'll try and send you some better weather this week for a belated birthday present!! Cathy G

Kim said...

Happy Birthday from me too. Its a shame you got more snow for a present, but hang in there - Spring is coming...eventually.

Gayle said...

How fun to see your enthusiastic new hooker converts and their first projects! Sounds like they're all on track to be successful with their new obsession!

dulcy said...

What a pretty picture of the snow! Your students look like they are off to a good start. Also happy bday to you Alice!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you.
I love new hookers. They are so excited to get going and it seems to stick with most of them.
We got in on that snow here in Missouri last Saturday to the tune of 8 to 10 inches. Happy it didn't last past Monday.

Sheila said...

Belated happy birthday Alice, we just got home from PA, we really needed some R & R.
Great fun teaching, I taught quilting for years and loved it.Hope you have a great Easter!!!!!!!!

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