Thursday, April 1, 2010


Aren't these beautiful fabrics?  Artist, Glennis Dolce, creates bits and pieces of fabric with indigo dyes ~ they are intriguing to me ~ they captivate my attention!  Her friend, Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth, stitches very creative little story quilts with this fabric and sells them on her website.  Jude had a link on her Facebook page a couple of weeks ago to let readers know that Glennis had some 'boro packs' to sell!  Yippee!! I ordered and shortly they arrived!  Don't know what I will make with all these gorgeous blues but you'll see it when I dream it up!

Last summer, at the Sauder Village rug class, there was a very sweet woman who sat next to me ~ Aryl ~ pronounced like Carl (she always said that!)!  This was the rug she began there ~ the pattern is Barn Symbol Galaxy by Bea Brock ~ one I thought I wanted to tackle sometime.  Aryl emailed this to me and it really is just so pretty ~ gorgeous dramatic colors and hooked so well.  I asked all the gals in the class to send pix of their finished rugs and I would post them here on the old blog ~ thank you, Aryl pronounced like Carl ~ I so appreciate being able to show off your beautiful creation!

Yesterday, I got the gray hairs colored ~ it looks ever so much better!  Then, I had a really nice lunch with my great nephew, Louie, who is heading off to Las Vegas this weekend to find his fortune!  He's a young musician who's made a connection way out there ~ I wish him the very best and sent him off with one of my favorite books "The Secret"!  It's about abundance and the Law of Attraction and if nothing else, it will give him something to read on the plane and maybe something to enhance his young life!

The tax prep is finished!! Yay!! I'm heading to the accountant as soon as this post is done ~ something I can finally tick off  'The List' ~ my list is sooo huge ~ you just wouldn't even believe it!  My friend, Melody, is coming this afternoon to pick up a stretcher frame for the sheep rug I hooked for her last year. And tonite our friend, Rita, is taking us out for my birthday!!!  In between, I'll do laundry, work on bills and the weather is finally nice here, so I should go out and clean the leaves off the daffodils that are getting ready to bloom!!  Mama's work is never done!!

I hope your work gets done and that you are able to enjoy SPRING!!!!!!!!  Ta ta for now!


Kim said...

Oh lucky you!!! I have some of Glennis' shibori ribbon...LUSCIOUS!! I can only imagine how these fabrics are in person! Love the rug too!! Have a great day, Alice!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Kim ~ you should go on her website and get a little pack ~ even if I never do anything with them, I'll love looking at them!!!!!

jude said...

nothing like those blues!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
(C)Aryl's rug is wonderful!
Oh, doesn't it feel good to get rid of that grey? I know it does for me!
The weather "up north" is beautiful also. I need to get off the 'puter and get outside and enjoy it.
Happy Easter to you and all your loved ones.
Pug hugs :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for spotlighting my indigo fabric- i enjoy sending the "children" out in the world to finish growing up!

Deb said...

Those are some beautiful fabrics! Hope that you have a wonderful Easter!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Alice..Aryl did a beautiful job on her Barn Symbols rug! : )
We have just finished the Smile Creative Challenge on RHD and what fun it was! All the ladies did a great job with the challenge and we all learned a lot.

Can you believe I am now hooking with #4 and #5 cuts and loving it!!! LOL
Hugs to you, Sunnie ; )