Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I was weeding in the garden behind the brick porch that connects the house and garage. I had been in that area about twenty minutes and when I stepped up onto the middle terrace ~ this huge TURKEY flew out practically right past my nose!!! As usual ~ I screamed ~ and ran ~ but I caught a glimpse of all these eggs!! I went up on the porch and looked down and right at the base of the wall is this nest ~ 10 turkey eggs ~ right outside our back door ~ that we are in and out of many times a day! Many thoughts run through my mind ~ are we going to have 10 baby turkeys running around the back garden all summer ~ am I going to grow attached to these little gobblers ~ how am I going to feel when our turkey-hunting sons want to put them on a platter for Thanksgiving dinner ~ and it goes on and on!! Actually, mama turkey did not come back until early this morning ~ I was up around 4 a.m., looked out our back stairway window and she wasn't there! By 6 a.m., she had returned!

One thing I am so thankful for is that in my running and screaming from the turkey flying by my face ~ is that I didn't fall. It was four years ago, the week before Memorial Day, that I ran from a bumble bee in THIS SAME GARDEN, fell over a rock and broke my ankle and was out of circulation for 9 weeks!!!!!!! When Sonny mentioned that last night, it made me cringe!!

I'll keep you posted on the Great Turkey Adventures!!!


Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hi Alice,

I never know whether to respond to comments at "my place or yours", but wanted to be sure to thank you for your ongoing support and visits. We can all use that, can't we?

Your posts have been great - as always - such nice images that you share. Such fun about the turkey - glad you didn't repeat the tumble.

And you are such a trooper with the challenges. I must get more active and either participate in the ones I find, or start some with my group.

Thanks again.

jane augenstein said...

Alice, what a thing to find in your garden and so close to the house. Almost in your house! That's funny that a wild turkey would come so close to a home; she must have really liked your garden.
Oh, so glad you didn't fall and break and ankle again!!! Nest time something scares you just scream then freeze before you run!!!
Take care,

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Good advice, Jane ~ scream and freeze ~ I will try to remember that!! Another friend said, too, that mama T must like the garden ~ it's just weird to me!!
And Wendie ~ thanks for your kind words ~ as you say, we can use all the positive strokes we can get!! And our blog friends are such great cheerleaders!! Yes ~ you should start a challenge of your own ~ good thinking!

Jacque. said...

Hey fun that might be for you! To see the baby turkeys. Don't fall! Good grief! I love how you hooked the flower in a circular pattern in the post previous to this one. Looks totally AWESOME!

JoJo said...

For God's sake, Alice, DON'T FALL!!! You and I both know how horrible that can be! April 3rd was my one year anniversary of breaking my leg and you can bet I was very careful going down the basement steps that day....more careful than normal.

But I have to agree with you that a wild turkey, flying up right under my nose, would cause me to scream and run too. I guess you're just going to have to be careful about going out your back door. And you'll have to protect those turkeys come fall. My neighbors have a wood wreath hanging on their storm door and a robin has built her nest in that wreath. She's laid 4 eggs and now, we're hoping she hatches all of them. Now my neighbors are using their garage door to get in and are rarely using the front door, although Momma Robin doesn't seem to be bothered that much.

Julie said...

Alice, I can't resist leaving a comment on this one! I have a vivid picture in my mind, & as I have said before, you do have a movie quality scream! No one else will understand this little inside joke, but I do know how you hate to be startled by "critters"! Stay safe out there. Jules

WoolenSails said...

What a neat find, will be fun to watch them hatch. I guess the turkey mom thought your garden was a safe place to nest.


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