Tuesday, September 9, 2008


When we purchased this antique log cabin several years ago, it was with the intention of putting it up in the lower part of our property. We were going to use it for a shop for antiques and folk art or maybe just a place to gather when we have bonfires and camp outs with the kids. But things change ~ we change ~ and now that we go to our lake place so many weekends, it has lost it's appeal! It would be a lot of work and expense to get it up and finished so we've made the decision to offer it for sale. We're letting people know that we think would be interested and of course, the blog reaches people far and wide that we don't know ~ so it seemed like one of the places to post a notice. It's all tagged and numbered and the fellow we bought it from gave us an album with pictures detailing the dismantling and a grid system for assembling it, just like lincoln logs! He dated it back to 1865 although he thinks it might be older! It's 18' x 24', mostly oak logs, has some flooring, and we had cottonwood trees milled right here on our property to use for the roof sheathing. If anyone is interested, email us at gfraizer@neo.rr.com and we'll answer any questions!

Today is a quiet day here ~ the wool room is still not completely organized ~ today I'm the laundress and the office girl!! I'd rather be hooking!! Have a good day all and hopefully, there's someone out there who wants to buy our log cabin!!!!!!!!! Besides, I had to get another picture up there to replace that one of us at the show!!


JoJo said...

Too late, Alice. I've already saved the picture of you and your darling husband so it now resides permanently on my C drive.

I love log cabins and love log homes. I'd take this one in a minute EXCEPT.......I can't afford it, I have no place to put it and would have no use for it, other than to look at. I wish you good luck in finding a buyer for it, though.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

JoJo ~ I'll publish another picture and then please replace that one ~ I have a new haircut and I'll stand up straight and hold in my breadbasket!! The old guy takes a good picture no matter what!!
Yes, I hope, too, we get a buyer for the cabin!! We're keeping our fingers crossed!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Loved looking at the cabin! Good wishes for a quick sale! Thanks for visiting me on my blog. I will try to post some rug hooking projects soon. I love that too! Blessings, Katie

jane augenstein said...

Alice, love the log cabin!!! I too would love to have it but.........Can't afford it, I do have a place to put it but, maybe, maybe someday I will have one. Hope you find a buyer for it.