Thursday, June 5, 2008


This has been a busy week but it didn't include much hooking!! My Canadian cousins came for a visit Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ~ I was so glad to see them! As is usual for my life ~ they came a day early!!! Fortunately, I got groceries earlier in the day on Sunday after saying to my husband "what if they came today?!!" (I'm a little psychic!)!!!! So when they called and said they were two hours away ~ this old girl went into action and things were pretty ship-shape when they backed their 30' travel trailer down our driveway!!! And once again ~ I fired up the stove and cooked a couple of breakfasts and a pretty good dinner on Monday and called for pizza the night they arrived!!! If I keep this up, my husband will think I should cook like this every day!!!!!!!
Here are some garden pix for you to look at ~ we have a beautiful waterfall that Sonny dug and built by hand ~ we have the perfect terrain that just screamed 'waterfall'! Our property is an old gravel pit and just lends itself to interesting landscaping areas ~ we even have rock formations called 'puddingstone' that were left by the glacier!! In the close-up of the pond, you can catch a glimpse of the goldfish ~ there are six of them and they've made it thru two winters now ~ their parents weren't so lucky!!!!!
One of my secrets to great looking pots is to buy hanging combination pots ~ put the entire basket in big clay pots and cut off the hangers!!! They add lots of color and no work to assemble ~ I scour the greenhouses and pick what I think are the very best combinations to adorn our gardens!!
We're off to the lake for the weekend ~ Sonny and his son are going on a fishing trip tomorrow with a bunch of local guys and I'll spend the day with one of the other wives and my daughter-in-law is coming up, too! I'm sure a little shopping and a little lunching will be involved! The kids (our 40 year old kids) will stay over and hang out with us and our friends tomorrow night ~ I hope they're up to it!!!! And I hope to get some hooking time in!!! Happy weekend to you!!


jane augenstein said...

Oh Alice!!! BEAUTIFUL garden and house......breathtakingly gorgeous!!!
I don't need a pond since I have a creek running right in front of the house with crayfish and minnows; not as fancy as your gold ones but they do flash silvery when you watch them.
Your rug is GORGEOUS, good job!!!

Brenis said...

Oh Alice i'm in LOVE !!! I love your garden and patio!! I can almost close my eyes and be there... seems so quiet and serene!
Hope you have a great trip and tons of fun! :D