Thursday, June 27, 2013


A few weeks ago, friend Lori and I went to market and I found these little treasures for your buying pleasure!  Redware snippet dishes ~ $20 ~ and larger Rug Hooker dishes ~ $25 ~ along with sheep dishes ~ which are $30.

This is a great reproduction mustard box with a lift top lid ~ $88 ~ I thought a hooked piece on top would be fabulous!

 A black  over red repro box on round legs ~ $78 ~ also perfect with a hooked little mat on top ~ or not!

This funky  little Halloween witch is made from vintage mohair and is just plain cute ~ $35!  Along with a little snippet box ~ $10 ~ and woolens sign, which is also $10.  Little treats for the rug hooker or wool lover! All of the items are American Made by wonderful craftsmen ~ I love that part!!

I'll be taking these to Kingwood hook-in on Saturday so email me at if you would like me put your name on something to be picked up there ~ or let me know if I can ship you a piece or two!!!

I'm up to my ears in getting ready ~ dyeing wool and drawing a few patterns.  I will pack tomorrow and friend, Jackie, is coming to stay all night!  She's so lucky ~ she gets to come help set up and be in the midst of this pre-show craziness!!! 

Will try to post dyed wool pix later!!  I had a customer come this morning and I apologized for the chaos in my shop but she was a good sport and we were able to get her pattern color planned and have a good visit with she and her sister, too!  Thanks, Sharon and Linda, for stopping by ~ I knew they were coming but it looked like a surprise!!

Ta ta for now!!



Saundra said...

Wow, if I lived closer I'd definitely buy that mustard Box. I have made jointed mohair bears and the textile on the Halloween critter doesn't appear to be the upwards of $50 per yard woven mohair. Could be a faux fur tho, wish I could look at it up close and feel it. Must say it's a great piece regardless of what it is made of and someone will have an early fall decoration.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Yes, Saundra, you're correct in that it is not the longer mohair that we use but it is very short like they used to use in upholstery. It's definitely different and has a nice almost brush-like feel to it! You would love that mustard box!!!

Julia said...

You live an exiting life Alice. You are always so busy and having so much fun at the same time. I'm sure that you'll have no problem of selling those little treasures since everything is reasonably priced.

Have fun at the hook-in.


Kim said...

I love all those goodies. I think it was just before last years show I grabbed I of the patterns before you left. Tumbling Pumpkins! I just ordered a new pattern so the hook will be flying again soon.

Rugs and Pugs said...

See you Saturday :)

Jacque. said...

Alice...I have one of those redware snippet dishes from years ago...sure come in handy! Lovin' the finds!!

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Alice...your new found treasures are wonderful - they will sell fast.
What a sweet Pumpkin Witch.