Saturday, January 12, 2013


Just going to post tidbits of the holidays here and there. This is Seattle granddaughter, Hannah, and she wanted to bake cookies while home with her grandma. It was the night before they were leaving and it hadn't happened yet. So, at 1 a.m. after everyone left from celebrating Tad's birthday ~ we baked cookies and packed them up for their flight the next day!!! It was fun and she is such a sweet girl. She called a couple of weeks ago while she was baking at home to find out what sifted flour was!!! She's 11 and really likes to cook ~ wish she was closer!! She is particularly in tune with Tad ~ so kind and sweet to him! Love you Hannah!!

This morning,  I had a first-time acupuncture treatment for a back and hip issue. I'm going to have several to see if I can get some relief ~ wish me luck!!

Tonite, Sonny's brothers and wives are coming for a get together that we have every January. I made a Pinterest recipe (three package roast beef) for sliders. It is great! Check my FOOOOD board on Pinterest for the recipe ~ really tasty. My SILs all are good cooks and each bring a dish or two. I'm also having an appetizer of velveeta cheese, crab meat and mushrooms that you dip Fritos in ~ it's also yummy!!!! A little fattening, maybe!!

So that's it from here ~ hope all is well in your corners of the world!!


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Maria said...

ALice.....those cookies look very familiar to me. They are the bomb! What a pretty little granddaughter Hannah is. Maria

Kim said...

Hey Alice, is that dip recipe on Pinterest too? Sounds yummy. Your granddaughter is adorable. It's sweet she wanted to bake with you.
Good luck with the acupuncture.

Julia said...

Your granddaughter looks so grownup in this picture. How nice of you to stay up late to bake cookies for her. What a sweet grandma you are, even with your sore hip.

I had a sore hip when I first started to take those bone builder pills. Just one pill a week, but I thought that I was going to fall apart, I had so much pain.
The pain went away after a while. I hope that acupuncture fixes your problem. Good luck with this and have a fun weekend.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Yes, Maria, I knew you would recognize the coolies!! Maria is the one who got me hooked on those sweet treats!!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Those are cookies ~ not coolies!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Kim, I'll put the recipe in my next post!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I know what you mean about falling apart, Julia!! I think that's why I tried this!!

s said...

Your grandaughter is beautiful! What fun i am sure you had with her. I love those cookies too and I did not get them made this year.

Jacque. said...

Time well-spent, I would say. All the food talk is making me hungry! ~grin~

Saundra said...

Thought for sure I'd posted something yesterday on your blog but it isn't showing up here, maybe I went into your spam folder.

Would love to hear how the acupuncture goes as I've considered having that done.