Monday, January 14, 2013


On Christmas Eve, we went to Teddy and Miki's for supper and a gathering with family members. My Seattle son and family arrived on Saturday so it was all of us and some of Miki's family along with my kids' step-mom and step-sister and their families.  It's a long story but we all get along and like each  other, so it was fun!

Grandson Luke has been going to church with neighbors and has become quite active in the youth group  and confirmation class in preparation to join the Methodist church.  I'm quite  proud of  him and when he asked if we would  all go to Christmas Eve services, we were glad to join him.  Tad even went along ~ he wasn't going to and that was fine but at the last minute, he changed his mind ~ of course, we were all really glad for him to join us!

We took up the whole front row ~ that's where Luke wanted us to sit!  Sonny's kids spend Christmas Eve with their mom, so it was us and my three sons and families.  When the pastor asked for kids to come up for the children's sermon, some of our grand kids went up along with others.  I was telling  my son, Chris, that when Tad was little, during church, he went to the downstairs nursery. One Sunday when the minister called for the children's sermon, Tad shot out the door that came from the basement onto the altar!  He had 'escaped' and this little bespectacled kid came running across the altar (looking for his mom) but the minister said  "Look!  They'll come from anywhere to hear me preach"!!! It was funny ~ everybody laughed ~ but me!  Well, just as I finished telling this to Chris, Tad  got up out of his seat and joined the grandchildren on the steps of the altar to once again hear the children's sermon.  It was very sweet ~ Tad just turned 48 and has Down's syndrome and is very capable in many ways ~ but still a child at heart.

 Sonny and I were married in that church 30 years ago and it was really nice of Luke to encourage his family to go with him.  Everyone knows him and you can tell he has a church family there. It was a sweet evening ~ thank you, Luke!!


Plumruncreek ♥ said...

What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing!

Lori Ann Corelis said...

What a touching story . . . File this one under best memories!


Julia said...

Alice what a touching story. Unless we become like little children we shall not enter into the kingdom. God's kingdom is here on earth.

Thanks for sharing.

jennifer768 said...

Beautiful post,such touching a post.Hugs,Jen

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a sweet story.
Hugs :)