Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Two weeks since I've posted!  I have been having fun, for sure ~ and I've been BUSY!!!  This is one of the pumpkins I've been hooking! 

Here are a couple more!  Small projects for my Sauder class! Only 16 in total ~ 12 more to do!

I took four grands to lunch and errands ~ that was fun!!  This was after they all had their glasses on upside down!  I'm sure the surrounding patrons wondered where I picked up this little band of wild and crazy kids!!

I went to Indiana to visit my friend, Gwen ~ and while there, I learned to knit!  This is almost done ~ there's just a few inches left to do ~  I ran out of yarn and the gal sent it to me right away ~ but I lost momentum.  I'll get it back though ~ I can finish it in short order ~ then block it ~ and wear it around my shoulders on a nice cool evening!

 We've collected lots of beach glass ~ this was from a couple of weeks ago.  Friday, we went to a place further away from us and collected a lot!  Then we met friends at Crush Wine Bar in Sandusky and had a little bite and a beverage!!

On one of our beach walks, we found this ~ a fun little memento that someone left from their fun day at Lake Erie!
 This little bracelet is made entirely of stones we found on the shores of Kelley's Island ~ the day we missed two ferry boats because we just weren't quite ready to quit!  I think it's very sweet and dainty ~ unlike the maker!!

And we've seen beautiful sunsets ~ we had to pull off the road to get this ~ if we had waited till we arrived at the condo ~ which was not far ~ it would have been too late!

Lots of other things have gone on, too.  But these are the fun ones ~ the things that get us through all the hard work and challenges that life brings!  We're having as much fun as we can ~ I hope you are, too!

Seize the Day!!


annie said...

Cute kids!
Love your photos, the knitting & the glass necklace, wow!

My Colonial Home said...

What fun you have all the time!
Oh how I love it when the grands get together and 'goof off' - nothing better.
Interesting knitting project. I will love to come back and see the entire item.
Great beach finds as well.

Kim said...

I've been watching your adventures on fb. You're just a social butterfly! Keep it up :)

Saundra said...

Taking a break on occassion is a good thing, I've bee absent from my blog a few days as well.

Please have someone take a picture of you with your knitted project around your shoulders when it is done ~ I love the colors.


The Barn Door said...

How nice!! You should have told me you were coming to Indiana, we could have met!
Karen & the Hounds

Unknown said...

Great pumpkin....and blog. Will visit again!